Photodump: Disney, Ducks, Dinner

We have some visiting guests this week, which meant voyaging out to a couple of Disney parks. Always nice to have a reminder that when you’re outside for a while in Florida in August, it’s REALLY HOT. Scott got a little pink on top of his head. But fun was had by all. (He actually beat me at Toy Story Midway Mania for the first time EVER.)

We saw the Cowboy Woody doll in a couple of places. But next to Jessie, it made a packaging peculiarity even more perplexing: why does Jessie get to wear her hat, while Woody has to straddle his? Awkward.

I was first drawn to this Tinkerbell because of her oddly stiff and large dress. Then I fell in love with her thousand-yard stare. I knew Tink was a little cray-cray in the head, but don’t let this one near a knife.

I think this Disney hotel is taking the penny-smashing machine trend a little too far. It’s like a mini-Vegas, but the only thing you win is a smooshed coin. Though to be fair, half of these machines were quarter-smashers. Which seems like a waste of a good quarter, if you ask me.

In other central Florida news, were you aware that we don’t do emissions testing on our vehicles?

That’s right — your vehicle can spit out as much stink and smoke as it likes; we won’t make you fix it. After all, the winds blow everything out to either the ocean or the gulf so fast, we don’t have to worry about pollution!

Yeah, it kind of disturbs me, too.

But the wildlife flourishes nevertheless. Remember the ducks from a while back? They’re getting bigger! And it turns out we have at least TWO families of ducks here at our apartments.

These were part of a crew of about a dozen. I think there were two mother ducks in the group (I believe the farthest-right duck in this picture is a mom) and ten or so slightly-smaller ones. And if you make the right kissy-sounds, they come waddling right up to you. Then they see that you’re not offering any food, and they stalk away in a huff.

Ah, an excellent segue into the topic of food:

We visited our beloved Texas de Brazil last night, because we finally got our anniversary 2-for-1 coupon. (The anniversary itself is Wednesday the 17th, by the way. 15 years. Unbelievable!) The food was fantastic as always. This was just the trip to the salad bar — fried cheese, bacon, salami, shrimp, salmon, artichoke, and some potatoes. And a bowl of the lobster bisque, which may be my favorite soup in the world. Don’t worry, I also wolfed down some sausage, filet mignon, flank steak, and parmesan pork loin.

Although I have to admit, the bacon on the salad bar was a little too … even.

Ah, that sounds better.

Last but not least, and completely unrelated to anything, I found this in the Target “1 Spot” section.

Pardon me while I turn my rant on. THAT’S NOT A MACE! THAT’S A FLAIL! ARRRGGHHHH!

Ah, better. They also had giant axes, also made of this fake Nerf stuff. Part of the “baby’s first LARP” line or something, I guess.

Not As Fast As Chopping It All Off

Many times in the last few years, I’ve thought about growing my hair out. And every time, I get to a certain point where the hair enters the ugly-times, and nothing can be done to style it, and I get frustrated as heck and cut it back down. I just don’t see how it can be done!

But on the flip side, maintenance of hair this short is a constant process. I cut my hair probably once a month, and it can get really shaggy-looking really fast. Plus, I get hair all over the place.

Yes, I cut my hair over pages of old magazines next to the bathroom sink. I’m all about the glamour, baby.

The killer is, I know I’ve grown it out before. I just don’t remember what the heck I did, or how I put up with the torture. Of course, it’s probably been 10 years. But you’d think that would stick with someone.

Anyhoo, I’m seeing super cute chin-length A-line bobs everywhere now. With the absolute cutest on Allison Scagliotti, part of the Warehouse 13 team. Dare I say it–since Joanne Kelly’s hair is straightened this season–Scagliotti has the best hair on the show.

See? SO CUTE. So I’m going to try to grow my hair out. And stick it out through the tough ugly times.

By posting it here, hopefully that’ll give me the gumption to stay the course.

After consulting the internets, I think the most important thing is to avoid getting mullety. So I’ll be trimming the back of my neck regularly as the top grows. I’ve also done a little light trimming on the sides, so the little sideburns don’t turn into sidelocks.

Here’s where I’m at as of August 1:

Keeping the back really short (I think my hair grows farther down my neck than most people. Seriously, it’s like I have a case of werewolf neck.) and letting the top grow.

I have bobby pins and some headbands at the ready to tame the beast. And since I’m a couple of weeks past my usual haircut time, it’s already getting a little too long for short-hair styling. Which you can really see when I show you how it likes to stand up in the morning:

Go, hair, go!

(By the way, the manga-style avatars at the top are from Face Your Manga, my personal favorite cartoonerizer on the web.)