Photodump: Disney, Ducks, Dinner

We have some visiting guests this week, which meant voyaging out to a couple of Disney parks. Always nice to have a reminder that when you’re outside for a while in Florida in August, it’s REALLY HOT. Scott got a little pink on top of his head. But fun was had by all. (He actually beat me at Toy Story Midway Mania for the first time EVER.) We saw the Cowboy Woody doll in a couple of places. But next to Jessie, it made a packaging peculiarity even more perplexing:. . . Read More!

Not As Fast As Chopping It All Off

Many times in the last few years, I’ve thought about growing my hair out. And every time, I get to a certain point where the hair enters the ugly-times, and nothing can be done to style it, and I get frustrated as heck and cut it back down. I just don’t see how it can be done! But on the flip side, maintenance of hair this short is a constant process. I cut my hair probably once a month, and it can get really shaggy-looking really fast. Plus, I get. . . Read More!