Crafts: Easy Little Oven Mitt

So a little while ago, in a post about gluten-free pasta, I mentioned that I’d made the oven mitt in the background. We have two other store-bought oven mitts, but we went for the cheapest and most boring ones, and they look a little scruffy. The yellow one is the one we use the most. I figured I’d make a couple more, and take snappies of the process. This is a pretty easy project for a beginner, and a lot of fun. Onward! First off, you’ll need to get your. . . Read More!

Commie bit me (and that really hurt)

Well we certainly had a day full of adventure yesterday. For a couple of days, we’d noticed some fleas on the cats. I have no idea how on earth these two got them, since they’re 99% indoor, and the only outdoor exposure they get is on our 2nd-floor deck. I suppose either this apartment came with fleas already installed, or my one friend with indoor/outdoor cats brought some over when she visited. Anyway, we kept an eye on the cats and didn’t notice any more scratching than usual. But then. . . Read More!

Review: Tinkyáda Gluten-Free Elbow Pasta

Last time at the grocery store, they didn’t have the Ancient Harvest gluten-free pasta. I checked both Target and Publix, and all either place had was this same purple bag of elbows from Tinkyáda. Usually, the 8-ounce box from Ancient Harvest runs about $3 or $3.50. But this 16-ounce bag of Tinkyáda was a mere $3.99. Plus, they made a HUGE deal about the good texture. Not mushy. Al dente. Okay, Tinkyáda. We get it. I was a little leery about the cooking time, for starters. I mean, the Ancient. . . Read More!