A Visit to the Grocery Store

So in the barbecue sauce post, the concept came up that reduced-sugar products had blue labels. And reduced-fat had green. In the comments, it came up that in Canada and Australia, a blue label means low-salt.

I forayed out to the grocery store and looked around. Here’s the row of ketchups:

Where blue deals with sugar, orange is all about salt, and green is … organic.

The soup aisle disagreed completely:

Here, green is reduced sodium, while off-white is “light” — which usually means low-fat and low-calorie.

Overall, the color choices were all over the map. There doesn’t appear to be a consistent labeling system for anything here in the states. I guess each manufacturer chooses their own color scheme for the brightly colored banners that go on their foodstuffs.

You know what else is a variety of colors?

That’s right, Easter Peeps. They were stocking the Easter section at the Target when I was there, so I got to see them construct mount Peep here. But despite all of these Peeps, they still don’t carry the sugar-free ones. Or low-sugar. Or sugar-alcohols-that-will-give-you-the-runs Peeps.

Whatever they’re called, does anyone know where in Florida I can get some to try? Target and Publix are both no-go. Is this more of a drugstore/gas station thing? I know I can get them over at the Amazon, but seriously — two bucks for Peeps and five and a half for shipping? No thanks.

Plus, I much prefer the harder, Brach’s circus-peanut-style Easter marshmallow critters. Although they’re much harder to find, the smooshy texture can’t be beat.

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