Long Time No Blog!

I see I’ve been remiss on blogging lately. But I’ve had a really good reason: we moved.

Yes, we just moved back in January. But here’s the thing — in mid-July, we got new neighbors downstairs. Those new neighbors had a loud party with massively bass-heavy music on their very first night. They then proceeded to play music that would make our walls and floor vibrate on a regular basis, often after midnight. The apartment complex encouraged us to call the police, which we did. Repeatedly. The apartment office sent them a series of letters, each more strongly-worded than the first, but the music continued. We were also treated to the occasional screaming fight — the one at 4am merited a call to 911, not the non-emergency number we’d used for the noise complaints.

The apartment complex is in the process of evicting these neighbors. But they warned us that the eviction process is a long one, and it might take months to work its way through the legal system. Seems like in an eviction, the people being evicted have more rights than anyone else involved. And as soon as that process started, the music was turned up to 11 on a nightly basis.

We asked about moving to another apartment, because we like the location, we like the apartments, and we like the management company. They had a “carriage house” apartment available and gave it to us at our current rent, even though it rents for a higher rate. The carriage house units sit above a garage, with no third floor above, and no shared walls with any other units. They also waived the transfer fees and deposit, and gave us a generous two weeks to move everything. So yes, it was a pain to pack up and move, but we’re now in a place with no neighbors above, below, or to the sides. It’s SO MUCH more quiet.

This new apartment has a very similar floor plan to the old one, but it’s not exactly the same. I have a little less kitchen space, but it’ll still be great. The carpets are new, and not the off-white of the old place — these are a really nice brown, kind of in a Commie-ish color pallette:

We got cat food in a color scheme that matches the carpets. That, combined with using our Bissell Little Green cleaner, is keeping our floors free of barf stains so far.

As you can see, we’re also getting more sunlight than before. The windows and deck of this unit face west, as opposed to the north-facing unit before. Since we get some hours of sunlight on the deck, I’ve acquired some new plants.

In the box planter, I have a jalapeno plant and a strawberry plant. I’ve grown peppers successfully before (in Seattle even), and that baby is already starting to put out some flowers. The strawberry is an experiment, since the only other time I’ve tried strawberries, Trouble ate all the leaves immediately and the plant died. This one is well out of her reach.

I also got the plant I’ve always wanted: LEMON!

In fact, I got two lemon trees. The far one is a Meyer lemon, which was the obvious choice. It’s a dwarf variety of lemon tree, well suited to growing in pots. The nearer one is a Eureka lemon, also a dwarf variety. Not only is it a much sexier plant (the Meyer lemon tree is a twisty, awkward thing), but apparently having more than one variety of lemon tree makes both produce more fruit.

After a little more than a week, the Meyer is already starting to bud. I’m guessing I’ll have blossoms in another week or so. I totally don’t expect to get actual lemons this season, but you never know.

We’re mostly settled in to the new place — only a few more things to hang on the walls, a couple of boxes left to unpack, and some light rearranging. My desk is now close to the couch in a way that makes it easy to get onto, which means I sometimes have company at the computer:

Commie’s eye is doing great, by the way. It’s occasionally a little winky and full of tears, but most days it’s delightfully normal.

We’re sleeping like the dead, which is awesome. This is the kind of apartment we could stay in for years. And hopefully that’s the case, because I don’t want to go through moving again for a long, long time.

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  1. Glad everything is OK. Been worried since Scott flagged it up in BI….good to see the cats doing well!

  2. Ugh… totally know how you feel. I’m in a VERY similar situation right now. Apparently the guy doing the parties was supposed to move out last week but he hasn’t done so yet. And I literally can’t move right now (no available apartments).

    Anyway, enough griping from me. Glad to see you got everything taken care of and everything is going fine now.

  3. what Lucy said. no, really – I’m glad that what you had to endure manifested such a positive outcome! so MANY silver linings! (and Commie and Trouble both look GREAT!)

  4. I never thought of matching cat food to the carpet, good tip!

    At our last apartment we went through the same thing, but in addition to parties, they had a little kid that was constantly running back and forth across our ceiling, occasionally jumping off furniture to land with a huge thud. From morning, until night. Kid needed to be taken to a playground poor thing had way too much energy. We were very glad to move as well.

    BI Fan Reply:

    our upstairs neighbors parent a flock (or herd) of children, and my husband has renamed the youngest son “Stompacus” – thankfully, the kids do go to bed at a reasonable hour most nights, so we usually only hear any of them when we’re watching TV. the parents are decent folk, so we get along. not like pounding music.

  5. Ah–that explains the sudden move. Glad it’s working out so far! Horrid neighbors in apartments suck.

    The top picture, with the cat sticking its head out of the box is hilarious. I’ve seen that many times in our house.

    Best wishes for keeping the carriage house!

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