Photodump: Feet, Tongue, Family Planning

Time for another batch of pictures from the ol’ cameraphone!

My buddy Allison has a pair of Dansko clogs, and she swears they’re the most comfortable shoes ever. I tried some on at The Walking Company, which is one of those mall stores full of really large, clunky shoes. Al’s right — these are some really comfy shoes (Pricey, but sometimes they’re under $50 at Amazon). While at The Walking Company, they offered to analyze my feet with their high-tech machine.

Apparently I’m very unusual, in that I stand with much more weight on my right foot than on my left. I wonder if that has anything to do with my inner-ear problems on the left side (which are getting better, thank you for asking).

Also, I have a medium arch. I wear a size 9. And not only do I have a pixel burnt out in my left foot, but that foot apparently doesn’t have a pinky toe.

Commie is doing really well. His eye is a little winky now and then, but otherwise it looks great! There’s a very small cloudy patch on the cornea that looks like it’ll be permanent, but it doesn’t seem to affect his vision.

He really became a snuggler when he wasn’t feeling well, and he’s stayed that way. He loves to curl up between us on the couch, or on top of me if I’m slouching down. He also loves, loves, loves to lick us. I guess we’re deliciously salty people. He’ll grab hold of an arm, or a hand, or a toe (gross) and lick like crazy.

It tends to hurt.

But since we love him, we just move our arms or hands or feet around so that when it starts to hurt, we move him on to a different patch of skin. I’m kind of amazed my arms don’t look like raw hamburger.

After over four years in Florida, I’ve finally seen my first specialty parking spot! These were all over in Seattle, whether they were for “expectant parents” or “families with children”. Florida doesn’t bother with such PC inclusive terms — they just worry about Pregnant Lady. Whoever she is.

I gotta say, that sign looks a little neglected. It’s as if they installed it during the big parent-based parking spot rush years ago, and have since forgotten about it.

OH! I think I found Pregnant Lady. She’s a Bulldogs fan.

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  1. Of everyone’s photodumps, yours are the best. Haha, Pregnant Lady! I’m so glad Commie is doing well. From that picture, you’d never know anything was ever wrong, even with the kissy movement.

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