This Hair Grows Fast (But Not Fast Enough!)

The growing out of the pixie cut continues. I’m at a stage now where I don’t mind it some days, and others it drives me crazy with ugliness.

Back on August 1, I posted pictures of the pixie. I’ve taken pictures in between, but what with the move and such, I’ve been remiss in posting things. So here’s the progress:

August 28: The hair really started coming in over the ears. But still a long way to go. Keeping the back short!

September 8: It’s kind of a … mom-flip. Thing. sometimes tolerable, other times not so much.

September 18, trying to get the craziest possible eyes in this shot. Just trimmed the back again. I’m using the 1/4″ clipper on the very bottom, and trimming the rest with shears. I don’t want it to look mulletty at all, since that’s the kiss of death for the whole project. So I’m keeping the back trimmed as the top and sides catch up.

For the record, I don’t use conditioner on my hair. That’s why it’s so voluminous. I have tons of hair, but it’s almost baby-fine. When I use conditioner, it lays flat and limp and lifeless. But without, it has some texture.

Also, in heartbreaking news: after many years of good service, my hair-cutting shears broke today. Fortunately, I have a second-string backup pair. But my little favorites are headed off to the salon in the sky.

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