This Is Why 90% Is Not 100%

So you may remember that when we visited the vet last time, he proclaimed that, looking at the swelling around Commie’s eye (which was unresponsive to anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and steroids), he was “90% sure it’s cancer”. Here’s how Commie’s eye looked back on the 9th:

His eye wasn’t visible anymore behind the swelling and growths. So we watched, and waited, and cuddled, and loved him up good. And he stayed the same for a while. Then, a week ago, we noticed some changes.

Good changes.

REALLY good changes.

This is Commie today:

I mean, seriously, look at that gorgeous eye! On that gorgeous boy! The swelling has been decreasing significantly every day for the last week, and we’re cautiously hopeful that it wasn’t ever cancer at all, but some mysterious irritation or something. Either that, or he’s a miracle cat who went into spontaneous remission.

Although if it’s the second, he’ll never let us hear the end of it. He already has a god complex around this house.

At any rate, he’s looking so much better, it’s amazing. And the times of more sleeping and resting are done — he’s being his old butthead self, pestering us and swatting at Trouble and behaving totally normally.

Of course, he still had to be a booger during the photography.

So thanks for all of your thoughts and kind words, everyone. It’s really meant a lot to us. And for who knows what reason, this cat is, for now, awesome!