Ask a Font Creator: Yes, I even obsess about fonts on vacation.


We just recently took a short vacation to Las Vegas. It’s cheap and close to get to, and we hadn’t been there in around 15 years. But of course, I can’t just turn off the fonty part of my brain, so I was looking at typography the whole time. It doesn’t help that there is typography all over that whole town.

I’ve shared some of my thoughts about the good, the bad, and the ugly fonts and typography treatments I saw over at this week’s FontBundles blog post.

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Ask a Font Creator: Copyrights & Trademarks

Ask a Font Creator: Copyrights & Trademarks

There’s a lot of confusion and weirdness when it comes to copyrights and trademarks. Are fonts copyrighted? Can I make a logo with a font and then trademark it? What quotes are OK to use on merchandise I want to sell?

I tackle all of those things and more over at FontBundles in my blog post about copyrights and trademarks, with the information (as usual) geared toward the designers, crafters, and others who are heavy users of fonts.

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Ask a Font Creator: How Do I Pair Fonts?

Ask a font creator: how do I pair fonts?

Ah, pairing fonts. Sometimes it feels almost impossible to put two fonts together and have them look just right, especially if one of them is something fancy or goofy or weird.

In this post over at FontBundles, I cover the basics of what makes a good pair, some of the classic pairings, and then a number of examples of script fonts in pairings (since most pairing advice out there seems to concentrate on finding a good serif to go with a good sans-serif).

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Ask a Font Creator: Catching up on Vocabulary

Ask a font creator: vocabulary #1

As part of my “Ask a Font Creator” series over at the FontBundles blog, I did two parts on the vocabulary of type (and could have gone on for MUCH longer).

The first post deals with some basics, as well as categories and styles of fonts. So if someone asks for your favorite sans-serif font, you’ll know what they’re talking about. And if you’re looking for a font that looks a specific way, the list of styles can help you improve your Google-fu.

The second post gets into two different topics: the anatomy of letters themselves, and the fabulous features that designers can include in their fonts when creating OpenType fonts. Did you know there are over 100 different features that a font creator can code into a font? I go over a few of the most popular and frequently-seen in this post.

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New blog series: Ask a Font Creator

Ask a font creator: what's your process?

I’ve been invited by the folks at FontBundles to write a weekly blog, and they’re leaving the content pretty much up to me, as long as it’s somewhat related to fonts and/or design.

I’ve decided to call the series “Ask a Font Creator,” and I’ve been tackling questions or issues I see come up in the font community.

The first post answers a question that several people asked, which is, “What’s your process for creating fonts?” I’d done a post a while back on how to use three free pieces of software to create a font, but none of those three are things I use on a regular basis. So I wrote up how I go about creating a font from beginning to end, so you can see where I’m coming from. 😀

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