More fonts, now available at FontBundles!

As previously noted, I’ve been making more fonts. Here are a couple of fresh ones!

I have a portfolio of all of these fonts over at Behance, but they’re also being picked up by a few sites that specialize in providing fonts, or graphic design elements, or both. One of my favorites is — they have great bundles of really nice fonts to buy, and enough great individual fonts that a fontaholic could go broke, but they also do a free premium font every week! They’re carrying my most recent five fonts as freebies — the hero images of both fonts below are linked to those fonts over at FontBundles.

They also run a really good Facebook community, where I get to do one of my favorite things in the world: be a little helper. People frequently post pictures of things (sometimes really weird things), and ask what font is being used. I get to channel my inner Sherlock, which is a load of fun.

Hot Deals - grocery-style font

This one was inspired by a trip to Trader Joe’s. I was marveling at all of the hand-made price signs under every product (and did you know that each Trader Joe’s location has at least one. and frequently more than one, full-time sign artist?

For Hot Deals, I used an area I hadn’t before: the Private Use Area. Which sounds kind of spooky or intimidating, but it’s really just a set of characters in a font that aren’t specifically mapped to letters or numbers or punctuation or anything. The Private Use Area is just a bunch of empty boxes, waiting for you to fill it with whatever weird new letters or icons or words you want to put in there.

Hot Deals - PUA glyphs detail

These are the extra items in the PUA section of Hot Deals, shown below the capital letters. Handy little doodads, so you don’t have to go to the trouble to create your own!

In my most recent font, Ludicrous, I used the PUA for another kind of extra: ligatures.

Ludicrous - handwriting font

Ligatures are when two letters connect to each other. In a lot of regular fonts, the lowercase F and I will be a standard ligature, because the droopy front part of the F encroaches on the space where the dot over the I lives. So they’ll be combined into one character, and it looks a lot cleaner. There’s a little bit of code embedded in the font that tells the program you’re using: “If letter X is immediately followed by letter Y, replace them both with character XY.”

Ludicrous didn’t have a problem with “fi,” because the terminal on the lowercase F doesn’t go down very far, so it doesn’t get all up in the lowercase I’s face. But one thing that can drive me nuts about a font, especially one that’s supposed to look breezily handwritten, is when you have two of the same letter next to each other. They look identical, which spoils the feeling that it’s been written by hand! So I created most of the common double-letter combinations as ligatures:

Ludicrous - ligatures and extra glyphs

That way, any double-lettered word you type will have those double letters automatically replaced with the new ligature characters, and the handwritten feel will live on! Also, as you can see, I also did a few non-letter characters and put them in the PUA. Because sometimes you want a little heart or star or swash in what you’re doing, and it’d be really handy to have ones made by the same hand, with the same brush.

Here are those double-letter ligatures in actual words:

Ludicrous - double letter ligatures

(And yes, I firmly believe that ass pizza errors would make a wookiee giggle.)

If you like them, go get them! These fonts (and all of my other fonts) are free for personal and commercial use, so you can put them on whatever you like. And if you have a suggestion for a text style you’d love to see in a font, let me know!

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  1. How on Earth hasn’t “ass pizza error” turned into a meme by now?


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