Advanced Tips: The Basics of Creating a Single-Line Font!

The Basics of Creating a Single-Line Font

  I’ve been asked by a few folks for some tips on how to make single-line fonts, so I figured I’d put together a blog post with some basics.  A few notes before we begin:   🡺 Single-line fonts are not the same as outline fonts.  They are meant to be used with a stylus-type […]

Yet Another Quarantine Hair Story

Quarantine Hair 2: The final blue-green

Like so many folks out there, I’ve been doing some quarantine hair.   I usually wear my hair in a pixie cut.  Sometimes I’d grow it a little bit to about eye-length, like back in 2015 when I left my job at Disney and promptly dyed my hair bright pink. But it was often shorter […]

One Dozen Common Font Construction Mistakes

One dozen common font construction mistakes

  I’ve been designing fonts for years, I’ve mentored a few up-and-coming new font designers, and I’ve helped assess fonts by various makers for quality control issues. I’m also an avid user of fonts!  I’m not saying I’m the doyenne of font design; far from it.  But I’ve both built and looked at the code […]

Gluten-Free LCHF Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Gluten free cookie dough balls

Cookies can be a tough one when you eat both gluten-free and lower-carb.  Any gluten-free baking flour that gets you an actual cookie-like texture will be full of carbs, and when you bake with lower-carb options like coconut flour or almond flour, textures usually aren’t what you want them to be. These little balls of […]

A guide to creating word art with my Pinsetter font!

A guide to creating word art with the Pinsetter font by Missy Meyer

    This guide written in 2017 originally appeared on; due to some rearranging, I’ve moved it to this site with the rest of my tutorials and guides!   Hello, friends! I’ve had a number of people ask me for advice on how to lay out specific words and phrases using my Pinsetter font […]

Tech Help: When SVG files show up as HTML files on your Windows 10 computer!

Tech help: what to do when SVG files show up as HTML files in Windows

  Updated for 2020!  This post is an update to my years-old article at Medium.  It’s refreshed to include Cricut Design Space users! Computers are weird, am I right? Sometimes they want to open up files with the strangest programs. One that I see come up a lot is SVG files, which are graphics … but […]

Trademarks: searching TESS with a little more finesse!

Trademarks - searching TESS with a little more finesse

If you’ve ever gone to the USPTO’s search system, TESS, and looked to see if something is a registered trademark, you’ve probably discovered that it’s a terrible search system that is difficult to use and looks like something straight out of 1998. So I’ve put together a guide on how to search with TESS, and […]

Installing and Using Hairline Fonts on an iPad/iPhone with the Cricut App

Installing hairline fonts for the ipad and the cricut app

  I’ve had a couple of folks ask for assistance with using my hairline fonts on the iPad with the Cricut App, because it’s a bit tricky.  The iPad still doesn’t handle fonts particularly well, though I keep hoping it will get better.  And hairline fonts appear to be an especially tricky thing, because they’re […]

Registering the Copyright for Your Fonts (USA)

Registering the Copyright for Your Fonts

  I promised a few font designers that I would create a tutorial on how to register fonts with the copyright office, once I had it all figured out and had successfully completed some of my own registrations. Standard disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer or intellectual property professional; this is not legal or professional advice. […]

Creating a Font from Geometric Shapes: Part 4

Creating a font from geometric shapes part 4

I’ve been slacking like mad on getting this final blog post written; you get near the end of making a font, and you just wanna get the dang font made, you know?! When last we spoke about this process, we’d finished constructing the letters, and it was time to move to spacing and kerning. Spacing […]

Creating a Font from Geometric Shapes: Part 3

Creating a font from geometric shapes, part 3

Character construction continues! I’m not going to get into every single character to show how it’s made from either the basic geometric shapes, or from parts of previously made characters, but I do have a few to share that I thought were the more interesting items. First off, let’s not forget that there’s punctuation to […]

Creating a Font from Geometric Shapes: Part 2

Creating a font from geometric shapes, part 2

Welcome back! In part 1 of this series, we created a Font Creator file, and built our basic straight strokes. Now we’re going to make a few more basic shapes, and dig in with making some letters. Many of our letters can be made with those straight strokes, but you know there’s one more major […]