Memories of the holidays

So I read a couple of retail workers’ communities. Reading the Blockbuster community has reminded me of one thrilling holiday season when I was an Assistant Manager with BBV. There were three AMs all told, and one Store Manager, a guy we’ll call Joe. The holiday season was fast approaching, and we had to figure out management schedules for the “big 5” — Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Joe made the proclamation that we would each work three of the five big. . . Read More!

oh. my. stars.

Last night, coming home from poker night at a friend’s house, Scott and I heard something on the radio for the first time. It was a little something called The Christmas Shoes. You may note, I don’t refer to this as a song. I won’t even refer to it as a “tune.” Because to compare this piece of offal to music would only cheapen actual music. It was the most disgusting piece of crapulence ever to assault my ears. I absolutely cannot believe there are people who “love” that hunk. . . Read More!

Sunglasses, Take Two

So the optical place at the Fred Meyer called the other day — my sunglasses are in again. First time, they tinted them gray, which was what I ordered. They also polarized the lenses, which I definitely did not order. I tried to wear them for a week, but unfortunately the polarization didn’t quite jibe with the polarization of the rear windows of many cars. Meaning I couldn’t see through those rear windows. So, back the glasses went. No problem, they can redo them without polarization. Just plain gray. Check.. . . Read More!

So You Want to Learn?

I’ve had some people ask me if I would teach them certain HTML skills. Well, they don’t necessarily ask. The one I’m thinking of is constantly telling me, “I really need to sit down with you for a couple of hours so I can learn Skill X.” Not that I’ve told them I’m willing to teach them Skill X, mind you. So here, without further ado, is my HTML skills primer. It works equally well for learning Cascading StyleSheets, Server Side Includes, and any other HTML trick under the sun.. . . Read More!

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Last night, I tortured Scott and watched the four hour presentation of Oklahoma! on PBS. It’s part of the Great Performances series, and starred Hugh Jackman as Curley. Yes, that’s right. Hugh Jackman. (And when I hear that name, my brain automatically turns it into Huge Ackman.) The man has a fantastic singing voice. It was a pretty good show, but an eerie experience for me. I haven’t seen a production of Oklahoma! since the one I was actually in, some dozen-plus years ago. So all of the dialog was. . . Read More!

Yahoo! Messenger. Good times!

I turned on Yahoo! Messenger. Always good for a laugh, since total strangers can see that you’re online and just chat you up. It would appear this one found me through my Yahoo! LaunchCast station, since they’re commenting on my dubious musical tastes. Yes, I like the Spice Girls. They’re entertaining fluff. Deal with it. dancinchica2145: hey the_missy: Yes? dancinchica2145: u like the spice girls? the_missy: Sure, why not. dancinchica2145: u do dancinchica2145: weirdo the_missy: Thanks, stranger. You’re too kind. dancinchica2145: but the spice girls r weird the_missy: Oh, “r”. . . Read More!


Letterman’s kid was born. They named him Harry. Scott hears this and says: “So that means Leno is going to go over to their house and try to kill them all, but he’ll just leave baby Harry with a lightning-bolt scar on his forehead.” Glad I wasn’t trying to drink anything at the time. Read More!

News of Life

Well, there’s good news, and then there’s bad news. Let’s go bad first. Scott’s mom is in the hospital. She’s having a flare-up of some kind of infection in her back. But while there, she started to have some sort of “heart episode.” They checked, and at least two of her major arteries are 90% blocked. They would go in and do an angioplasty and put in some stents, but they can’t until the infection in her back is cleared up. So right now they’re blasting her with antibiotics and. . . Read More!

Alas, Poor Ford…

I got to the claims office and met my friendly claims representative, Ken. As we were stepping out to look at my car, he took one quick look through the glass door and asked, “is yours the blue one?” When I told him yes, he responded with, “yeah, that’s definitely a total loss.” Looks like just to repair the body work would be over $4,000. That’s not including paint or the busted light or anything. All told, it would be somewhere around six or seven thousand to fix the car.. . . Read More!

I should stop driving blue cars.

So I’m walking out to my car this morning. It’s parked on the street, and I’m approaching it from the front. My first thought is, wow, did I really park it that far from the curb? I’m a terrible parallel parker! Then I get up to the driver’s side and see a police department business card stuck in my door. I think to myself, Awww, crap, did I get a ticket for parking too far from the curb? But there’s no sign of a ticket under either windshield wiper. And. . . Read More!