The day after Disney, I dyed my hair pink.

I’ve been looking forward to this for months. I have only colored my hair a couple of times since starting with the mouse over eight years ago, and even then it had to be a natural-looking color. I missed the crazy shades! I mostly used to do reds and oranges, or just bleached blonde, and thought about those colors this time around. But I finally decided that I’d do a color I’ve never done before: pink. To start with, here’s a before picture: With extra bonus helper sink cat! On. . . Read More!

In Which My Toes Get Toe-Tally Fancy

A coworker showed up to work a while back with really fancy fingernails. I’m not just talking about painted nails — I mean, cool printed patterns. Turns out she went to a site called Jamberry Nails, and holy wow do they have a lot of options for cool nails. But they’re also $15 per set (although since each batch of “nail shields” can do your nails 2-3 times, I guess it comes out to only five or ten bucks per application). So I did what I always do when confronted. . . Read More!

This Hair Grows Fast (But Not Fast Enough!)

The growing out of the pixie cut continues. I’m at a stage now where I don’t mind it some days, and others it drives me crazy with ugliness. Back on August 1, I posted pictures of the pixie. I’ve taken pictures in between, but what with the move and such, I’ve been remiss in posting things. So here’s the progress: August 28: The hair really started coming in over the ears. But still a long way to go. Keeping the back short! September 8: It’s kind of a … mom-flip.. . . Read More!

Not As Fast As Chopping It All Off

Many times in the last few years, I’ve thought about growing my hair out. And every time, I get to a certain point where the hair enters the ugly-times, and nothing can be done to style it, and I get frustrated as heck and cut it back down. I just don’t see how it can be done! But on the flip side, maintenance of hair this short is a constant process. I cut my hair probably once a month, and it can get really shaggy-looking really fast. Plus, I get. . . Read More!