Pet Photography Made Easy

I’ve learned how to get Commie to hold his head still long enough to take a picture. Or at least, to get one or two good shots out of a dozen. Hold the camera in one hand, twisted around at an awkward angle to keep a finger on the shutter. And use the other hand to shine a laser pointer on your own forehead. (But don’t shine it in your eye. I think we can all agree, that’s bad.) Here you can see that the eye is still a wee. . . Read More!

Photodump: Catty Valentinemas, Whorini!

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Not a holiday I choose to celebrate, because I don’t eat candy and I don’t like flowers. Live plants are cool — I just don’t like a big handful of dying things. Although there’s always a cupcake cake … I think it’s supposed to be a heart. Covered with bon-bons. Which are made out of poop-colored frosting. It’s too late in the season to send this over to our friends at CakeWrecks, so here it is. This was at our nearest Target, where the bakery. . . Read More!

Whole Foods, Gluten, Cat’s Eye

In order of importance, I’ll start with the cat. We took Commie to the vet yesterday, where both vets came in to visit us, because they were both completely flabbergasted that his eye is almost back to normal. Shocked, they were! His eye still has a little bit of a cloudy spot on it, which may be permanent damage from the month or so that it was completely hidden by swelling. The vets have no idea what happened. Or why it fixed itself. I believe both of them used the. . . Read More!

This Is Why 90% Is Not 100%

So you may remember that when we visited the vet last time, he proclaimed that, looking at the swelling around Commie’s eye (which was unresponsive to anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and steroids), he was “90% sure it’s cancer”. Here’s how Commie’s eye looked back on the 9th: His eye wasn’t visible anymore behind the swelling and growths. So we watched, and waited, and cuddled, and loved him up good. And he stayed the same for a while. Then, a week ago, we noticed some changes. Good changes. REALLY good changes. This is. . . Read More!

Home, Work, Life

I think this item stuck to the fridge describes my January perfectly: That’s right. The week before I lose my job, I get to go do jury duty. And it’s not even on a workday, so it’s stealing away one of my weekend days. I’ve been called for JD four times in my life, while Scott’s never been called. Where’s the fairness, I ask you? So yeah, I’m losing my job. You may already know that the game show I host at Disney was on a three-year contract with the. . . Read More!

Cat Update

So the cats are settling in to the new apartment really well. They’re such great cats. The little deck is apparently fascinating as heck, but it’s been breezy here the last few days. So they’re anxious to go explore, but neither one likes being out in the wind. Hopefully we’ll have a still day soon, so they can really explore and enjoy all of the outdoor smells. As for poor Commie, he’s doing pretty well. Still eating, drinking, purring, cuddling. His eye continues to look worse every day, and he. . . Read More!

Moving Weekend

What a way to start 2011 — moving the house. Or, well, the apartment. At any rate, we moved all of our stuff from one off-white box to another off-white box. Our reasons for moving were manyfold, but the primary one was the fact that we were paying too much at the old apartment. The market is soft here in Orlando, and everyone everywhere was lowering their prices. Our complex, however, offered to generously keep our too-(damn)high rent the same for another year, so we generously decided to move elsewhere.. . . Read More!

A Sign from Above. 5 Feet Above.

It’s been an eventful December. We’re packing to move house these days. We’re just going about 10 miles away from where we are now, and we’ll be paying less money for a little larger space. Win/win. We’ve known that we would be moving with the expiration of our current lease, but it’s as if our apartment is telling us over and over again to get out. First it was the new neighbors across the hall, who moved in a few months ago and haven’t learned that you don’t need to. . . Read More!

Photodump: Cat and Holiday Shopping

First off, a cat update. The swelling around Commie’s eye is steadily worse, and the eye looks more nasty every day. Plus, yesterday he started having more sneezing fits than ever before. Still, we watch and wait and cuddle. As you can see, his eye is barely visible anymore, and it looks even more like the eye is sealing itself up. Poor kid! We’re in the middle of packing and sorting right now, because the House of Meyer is moving in January. We came across an old film camera with. . . Read More!

A Long December

So we went back to the vet yesterday. The week of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories didn’t help, and in fact the eye got worse. Here’s what Commie looks like as of a few minutes ago: Not pretty. The eye itself still looks clear … in there. It’s the swelling around the eye that’s making everything so horrible. Look at this top view, and you can see how much his little brow is protruding: They weighed Commie first, and he’s lost three pounds in the last two weeks. That, combined with the. . . Read More!