December Is X-Ray Month

I’ve been a massive blog slacker, I see. Over a fortnight since a post! I’ve had posts rolling around in my head, including another couple of top sevens, but life. She gets in the way. This last couple of weeks in particular have been harrowing as far as pet health goes. About three weeks ago, our big fat tabby started having a little goo around one eye. He has, in the past, had a knack for getting hairs stuck in his eyes and getting winky for a couple of days,. . . Read More!


We recently got rid of an old, crappy, beat-down couch. We replaced it with a matching chair and footstool, and it now lives right next to some loaded bookshelves in a sort of reading nook. One of the cats has claimed this setup as his own. He’ll spend some time on the chair, then loll a bit on the footstool, then it’s back to the chair. And if you want to sit on the chair, sometimes he’ll try to squeeze in there with you. Of our two cats, one who. . . Read More!


Here’s a LOLcat that actually made me laugh out loud. Which rarely happens. Of all of you out there watching Dancing with the Stars, is there anyone else who dislikes Cloris Leachman? I feel like I’m in the minority here — the reality round-up I read has an author who’s all, Cloris is still in it! Yay! I just find her irritating, and desperately trying to amuse us, and there’s just no joy in her for me whatsover. I’m meeting up with some Comedy Warehouse folk this afternoon at the. . . Read More!

Adventure Update

More worrisome things have been tackled, causing the excitement v. terror balance to swing even more toward excitement. Our “ReloCube” is reserved, and we have the OK from the apartment building to put it in a parking spot next to the building over the last weekend of the month. I checked with our car insurance (Allstate), and we’re well-covered on the new car. Also, even though we’ll need to switch to another agent when we move, our coverage is good to go for the long drive and the time it. . . Read More!

Poor Kittens!

I took the cats to the vet this morning, to get general checkups and get a health certificate so they can fly. Poor little fraidy cats, they were real champs — they meowed a lot, and did some cowering, but were fairly cooperative with the vet. Nobody likes getting the ol’ rectal thermometer, or the rabies vaccination shot in the haunch. The vet recommended something called “Rescue Remedy” for the flight — supposedly it will mellow them out enough so it’s not 6 hours of “Mew. Mew. Mew. Mew.” Poor. . . Read More!

Workin' at the Cat Wash! Whoa, whoa, yeah!

It’s amazing how one cat can watch the other cat being given a bath, and just not realize that they’re next. Commie watched Trouble receive her bath — in fact, he got up on his tippy-toes so he could look into the bathtub and get an eyeful of the proceedings. It was almost like he was laughing at her. “Look what Mommy and Daddy are doing to you, Trouble! I’m sure glad I’m over here, a foot away, where I’m completely safe! Ha ha ha!” But overall, Trouble was the. . . Read More!