Basic Instructions: Behind the Scenes

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over three years since I drew a guest comic for Basic Instructions. My first was the aptly titled “How to Have a Guest Artist Draw Your Comic Strip.” Now I have an additional strip under my belt (which you should go read first, if you haven’t already), and since I had to re-learn how to draw and assemble a strip in the Scott Meyer way, I figured I’d give a little behind-the-scenes peek at how Basic Instructions gets made. First off, there’s the idea.. . . Read More!

Quick & Easy Gadget Sleeve (Phone, Kindle, iPad, etc.)

So Scott has acquired a gadget. I’m sure from the photos coming up, you’ll figure out what that gadget is. He also has a birthday coming up in less than a week. Combine that with me and a sewing machine, and I knew what to make him for his big day. I studied a couple of other gadget case blog posts, namely the Padded iPad Sleeve Tutorial and the Slightly Self-Cleaning iPad Sleeve. I liked the padded sleeve because no closure was necessary, but I liked the soft idea of. . . Read More!

DIY Font

My attention was directed today to Your Fonts, a site that will generate your own handwriting as a font for FREE. I’ve made several handwriting fonts in the past, but it’s been a labor-intensive process of drawing/editing each character, then compiling them in a font creation program. This was much quicker and easier. They give you a template to print out. You fill in each letter and character. Scan it back in, upload it, and in a trice, you have a font of your handwriting! It took maybe 15 minutes. . . Read More!

Fizzy Bath Bombs

A little craft project that works great, and saves a ton of money. 1 cup baking soda (ordinary, store-bought variety) 1/2 cup citric acid (powdered)* 1/2 cup Epsom salts (health and beauty section) 1/4 cup cornstarch ** 2 Tbsp oil (vegetable, olive, walnut, almond — whatever you want) 1/2 to 1 tsp essential or fragrance oil 10 drops food coloring witch hazel in a misting spray bottle * Citric acid can be found in some stores — if your local grocery has a pickling/canning section, you might find it as. . . Read More!

Get Shirty

Earlier in the week, I learned that my friend Meg had done a DIY screen print technique. As I’ve been interested in screen printing for quite some time, I was delighted to find out how she did it, and to try it for myself. Here are the supplies I used. Everything but the ink was around $10; the ink can be had for around $6 per 8-oz. jar, but I got a 6-color basic package of 4-oz. jars for $17.99. I got new blank shirts at Target for $5 each.. . . Read More!

Copying Pants

Copying Pants: I browsed around online, looking for a way to make new pants from an existing pair. Most links started out by having me rip apart the existing pants and making a pattern from them, which isn’t about to happen. A few others mentioned using masking tape, although no tutorials were forthcoming. So I made my own masking tape tutorial. Here’s the original pair of pants — some black capri cargoes. The fashion mavens of What Not to Wear would probably tell me that they’re totally the wrong length. . . Read More!