Medical Update Again

After skin biopsies and blood draws galore, both Dermatologist and Rheumatologist had the same answer for me today: “We don’t really know what’s wrong with you.” The answer I totally expected to hear. Derm says it’s either a “drug eruption” — an allergy to some medication I’m taking (although I haven’t taken any particular med regularly throughout this rash) or some hypersensitivity to something else going on in my body, most likely the Crohn’s. She can’t help me anymore on this one; I go back in three months for another. . . Read More!

Medical Update

So if you follow me on the social networks, you know there’s some stuff going wrong with me. Here’s the fuller scoop. A few months ago (July, to be precise) I had an outbreak of a rash. It looked like hives and acted like hives, flaring up at night when I worked, and fading away during the day when I was at home. Some days, the rash was accompanied by swollen and sore joints — mainly fingers, hands, elbows and knees. After about a month or so, it slowly got. . . Read More!

Hooray for Mike McCready!

Pearl Jam Guitarist Goes Public with Crohn’s I have so much respect for this guy for coming out about his disease. Crohn’s can be such an embarrassing topic, it’s hard to be open about just how sick you can be. I’m glad to see someone in the public eye speaking out about the disease. You can damn well bet that if I’m ever famous in any way, I’ll be more than open about my Crohn’s, because I know only too well the shame and pain and feeling of being alone. . . Read More!