Scars, Jobs, and Underpants

SCARS: My stitches are out! Of course, the wounds still look kind of angry. But I did get hearty kudos at the dermatologist’s office — they said I’d done a great job with my wound care, and had kept everything (everyone’s favorite word) moist. The stitches came right out, smooth as silk. All that for a little mole. Seems a bit drastic! The good dermatological news is that on all three things that were excised, the margins are clear — they got the whole mole out on all of them.. . . Read More!

A Labyrinth in My Head

Medical update time! To put it simply, my left saccule is wack. Ooh, that sounds dirty! I went to the ear-nose-throat doctor today for two tests, wherein they checked the functions of my inner ear. One of them was not so bad; the other one sucked rocks. For both, the administrator was pleasant enough, but had me put my purse so far away that I couldn’t grab my phone to take pictures. Which is a shame, because they both involved some goofy stuff attached to my face. The not-so-bad test. . . Read More!

Healthstuffs and Jobstuffs

I’m still currently unemployed, my friends. But good things are on the horizon! I’ve had a number of interviews here and there, and I’ve been sitting on the waiting list at Disney since I was laid off. Incredibly, Disney is the company that’s come through first. In two weeks, I’ll be training for a part-time spot at one of the resorts. I’m still on the waitlist for full-time; hopefully it’ll come through in time for busy summer. I’ll be on the front lines, directly helping guests, instead of my old. . . Read More!

Home, Work, Life

I think this item stuck to the fridge describes my January perfectly: That’s right. The week before I lose my job, I get to go do jury duty. And it’s not even on a workday, so it’s stealing away one of my weekend days. I’ve been called for JD four times in my life, while Scott’s never been called. Where’s the fairness, I ask you? So yeah, I’m losing my job. You may already know that the game show I host at Disney was on a three-year contract with the. . . Read More!

An Incredibly Busy Week

Wow, what a week this has been. Busy, busy, bizzay. First off, of course, was the night I spent in the hospital. We learned that my heart is in phenomenal shape, so no worries there. The mysterous chest pains have mostly abated, just twinging now and again. Also, the sporadic dizziness is completely gone. Regular doctors will be consulted, but it’s entirely possible we’ll never find out what this was. Strained muscle? Sudden-onset GERD? Swollen chesticles? Right as I was getting released from the hospital, I got an email from. . . Read More!

My "American Idol Experience" Experience

So as some of you may know, there’s a new attraction coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios — “The American Idol Experience”. It’s scheduled for a grand opening of 2/14/09, but of course, they need to run it with audiences and contestants and such before that happens, to work out all the bugs. As such, the past three days have been “cast member preview” days, where cast members can audition, participate, and watch the shows. I had today off, so I figured I’d head over and audition. I rolled into the. . . Read More!


I haven’t been watching the presidential debates — I know who I’m voting for already, and watching the other guy talk would just make me angry. But I have to ask — what the hell is up with McCain’s tongue? All I’m seeing online these days are screencaps where it looks like he’s hacking up hairballs. Today is the last day of the first week of rehearsals. We’ve gone through blocking, and working on character development. Now the big challenge is to get all the memorizing done, so we can. . . Read More!


Here’s a LOLcat that actually made me laugh out loud. Which rarely happens. Of all of you out there watching Dancing with the Stars, is there anyone else who dislikes Cloris Leachman? I feel like I’m in the minority here — the reality round-up I read has an author who’s all, Cloris is still in it! Yay! I just find her irritating, and desperately trying to amuse us, and there’s just no joy in her for me whatsover. I’m meeting up with some Comedy Warehouse folk this afternoon at the. . . Read More!

And … Venue.

Wow, what a weekend. I feel really deflated now. The closing night shows on Saturday were great — the crowds were huge, and they treated us like rock stars. I didn’t cry as much as I thought I would; everyone was just too upbeat, and treated it like a party instead of a wake. Which was great. We went out after the shows to a coworkers house, where all of the adventurers and warehousers and alumni could mingle and such. I made it home around 5am. Sunday, management threw a. . . Read More!