Que Sera Sera

We had an island-wide meeting this afternoon, and the news has broken at the Orlando Sentinel — as of September 27, 2008, all of the nightclubs on Pleasure Island will be closing. This means that my job ends in three months. On the pro list, it’s nice to have three months to find another job. There are plenty of opportunities here at WDW, and they’ve told us all that the company will work as hard as they can to get us into new Equity roles. On the flip side, it. . . Read More!

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Today is our last Sunday off together! Next week I start my new schedule, which will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. Such is the luck of the draw when you’re low man on the totem pole. Since this will be our last full day off together for a couple of months (I think Scott re-draws for days off in April) we’re hitting the parks for a day of fun. At the very least we’ll be going to Disney’s Hollywood Studios (future home of the new American Idol attraction!) and the. . . Read More!


Yesterday, I was presented with the “Quarterly Spotlight” award for Downtown Disney. The award is “in recognition of outstanding job performance, service, quality and dedication to the philosophy and tradtion of Walt Disney World Resort.” This means that more than one person in my area (managers, other cast members) nominated me for this thing. Pretty darned cool! Scott won the quarterly award for his area a couple of quarters ago (I think he got 2Q 2007; mine is 4Q 2007), so now I guess we’ll have to be double-dorks and. . . Read More!

O Frabjous Day!

Today has, so far, been a day full of win. First off, we went out to Access Control and I traded in my white generic Disney ID for a full-color beauty with my picture on it. I’m now totally and utterly official! Since we were out that way, we decided to celebrate my 90-day mark at the Magic Kingdom. So we cruised over thataway (getting a very up-close parking spot in the process) and headed in. We rode Splash Mountain, we rode Big Thunder Mountain, we had some Disney-grade lunch.. . . Read More!

A Whole Lot of Stuffs

Yesterday had its ups and downs. On the up side, the other newbie (David) and I joined the Actors’ Equity union. Our Equity rep insisted on taking us out to dinner, since she was having us come to work early to do all the paperwork, so we got to go to the Portobello Yacht Club and eat thirty-dollar meals. I had a grilled red snapper with roasted potatoes and fried baby artichokes. Delicious! So now I’m a card-carrying professional unionized actor. On the down side, we found out that our. . . Read More!

8 weeks down

And so ends week 8 of performing here at WDW. My probation period is now over! One of the other actors, who’s just above me in the senority hierarchy, used to have my days off (Monday and Tuesday) — he took different days when they re-bid, but he now wants his old days back. He offered to switch with me, and I totally accepted. So now I’m off on Saturday and Sunday. Barely here two months, and already I get weekend days off! Of course, that means my two nights. . . Read More!

Update from the Field

It’s Sunday, which is my personal Friday. Woo! Lots of good shows this week, and I’m getting more comfortable every day. I had my 30-day check-in earlier this week. It was a combination of brief evaluation (my manager said I’m “doing great”) and Q&A (“is the job what you thought it would be?” etc), and it went very well. I’ll also have a 60-day and 90-day visit. I’m halfway through my 8-week probationary period, which is cool — by my birthday, I’ll be permanently into my contract. I was encouraged. . . Read More!

More About Work, Blah Blah Blah

And with a heaving sigh of relief, the fortnight of reherasals is over. Both of us newbies did three shows on Thursday and a full four shows last night. They all went pretty well, and I’m starting to get over the irrational fear that I’m sucking like mad and they’ll fire me immediately. My biggest point of anxiety is something that can’t really be rehearsed — it’s opening the show and/or introducing scenes, because I’m just not really used to talking directly to audience members. I’m told that I hide. . . Read More!


Two more days of this crazy rehearsal schedule, then I can finally get some rest. The last two nights we newbies have done two shows each. Tonight we do three, then Friday we’re up to our maximum of four. But when combined with the daytime rehearsal, it means we’ve been putting in 11 or 12 hour workdays this week. It’s great for overtime pay, but not great for feeling fresh and well-rested. I get Saturday off, then I start my regular schedule on Sunday (which means I then get Monday. . . Read More!