We were planning on doing some mini-golf today; most likely the Winter Summerland course at WDW, so we could get a little bit of Disney jones dealt with. But then, in yesterday’s mail, a magical item arrived: my “Maingate Pass”. The pass allows me to take up to 3 people into any of the theme parks with me, up to 12 times per year. So we took advantage of that instead, and went to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours. The lines were longish, since it was a weekend. . . Read More!

Week 1 Done! First Show Done!

Wow, what a week that was. Other-newbie-David and I each did our first real show last night — I ended up in the first show (by pure chance) and David did the second. Everyone did the opening rock n’roll song, I introduced and handled the bell for Shoulda Said (aka Say Again), was one of the three experts in a Panel of Experts scene, and everyone did the closing blues number. It was an incredibly fast 40 minutes. Everyone else in the cast was so supportive and nice! And the. . . Read More!

Work Day 4: Whew!

This week has been both really short and really long. Strange how that works. I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, and yet it feels like I’ve been in rehearsals for a fortnight. Today we went over the last couple of musical styles (including Doo Ron Ron, which is done here with musical accompaniment) and did some actual scenework. Most of the scene-games that are played are similar if not the same as games I already know; the names are just different. Tomorrow is the big day — David and I. . . Read More!

Work Day 2: Costumes!

We had a 12-hour day today. First we met Larry the costume designer out at the mall at 10am; then we spent the next 3-1/2 hours buying costumes for me and David. Larry was friendly and cool, like every other person I’ve dealt with here. I’m still waiting to meet the jerks, although maybe they’ve been weeded out already. Anyhoo, I ended up with 4 pair of pants, 5 shirts, some camis, and a pair of shoes. We didn’t spend all of our budget, so we’ll probably go out again. . . Read More!

Sunday & Schedule

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Last year at this time, we were in Florida on vacation. We stayed in our hotel room that evening and watched the Seahawks play. Little did we know where we would be a year later! I got an email from my new Stage Manager with a few details about week after next, when we start rehearsals. I’ll be starting most days around 2:30pm, and rehearsing and/or watching shows until 10pm. On one of my rehearsal days I get to go out “costume shopping” with a costume. . . Read More!

Adventure Update

More worrisome things have been tackled, causing the excitement v. terror balance to swing even more toward excitement. Our “ReloCube” is reserved, and we have the OK from the apartment building to put it in a parking spot next to the building over the last weekend of the month. I checked with our car insurance (Allstate), and we’re well-covered on the new car. Also, even though we’ll need to switch to another agent when we move, our coverage is good to go for the long drive and the time it. . . Read More!

The Plan So Far

This is the best plan we’ve come up with, considering a couple of absolutes: we want to fly the cats across the country, not drive them (and we want them to be in a furnished home as long as possible); and we want to take my car with us, as it’s more financially feasible to take it than it would be to sell it here and buy a new car in Florida. January 13th or 14th – begin driving from Seattle to Florida. We’re actually looking forward to this —. . . Read More!

El News Grande

Yesterday I was offered, and I accepted, a contract as a full-time improviser at the Comedy Warehouse at Walt Disney World’s Pleasure Island. We’ll be moving to Florida in late January/early February, and my first day of work is February 12th. I’m giddy and terrified all at the same time. Read More!

Pensive Week

I left a message for the Disney casting guy, since he specifically told me to call him “in a couple of weeks” for an update. So now I play the waiting game. Scott is waiting for some stuff of his own, specifically a piece of mail that should hopefully arrive today, so I’m keeping an eye out for the mailman. His big thing is under wraps right now (heh, that sounds dirty) — but should be public in the next fortnight or so. Waiting sucks. Waaah, I want instant gratification! Read More!

Disney World Trip

All right … since we’re still kind of on Eastern time, we were up at 5:45 this morning. I tackled the photo editing and commentary, and it’s not even lunchtime. Long story short, even though it was a short trip, we had a fantastic time. The business portion of the trip went amazingly well. I had two callbacks on Friday: one at 9am for the Comedy Warehouse, and one at 1pm for street actors. Only 6 of us were called back for the Warehouse, which was cozy. We were joined. . . Read More!