So I’m going to audition locally for Disney World casting next week. The woman who called actually told me that the guys who saw me in Chicago this past April “loved” me, and she was eager to see me. So that’s pretty awesome. But the second part of the Disney thing, and even more awesome, is this: she also invited me to a callback in Orlando. And while it’s taking me away from holiday-season gigs for a weekend in December, it’s also an opportunity to pursue my dream job and. . . Read More!

Disney Auditions

Hey, local friends and others! I got a call the other day from a casting director at Walt Disney World, asking to see me at the Seattle auditions. Turns out they’ll be in town on Tuesday, November 28th holding open casting for dancers, singers, and comedic improvisers. Open call for singers and improvisers starts at 1pm — I was told to show up a little bit before for signup. More info regarding location and requirements (such as a 1-minute comedic monologue for actors, 2 contrasting songs for singers) can be. . . Read More!

Chicago Trip

After a solid night’s sleep, I’m nearly back to normal. In brief… Friday we headed out on United, leaving Seattle around 8:45am. With the time change, that put us into Chicago around 2:30pm. We then had to walk quite a ways to the train station, so we could catch the blue line into the city. It was almost 4:30 by the time we got to the hotel, and we found out we had to be at the theater for setup at 5:30. We pretty much dropped off our stuff and. . . Read More!