Dave & Buster’s Orlando: Now Open

I’ve seen ads on TV for Dave & Buster’s since moving down here, but for the last 4 years there hasn’t been one nearby. I think the nearest one was Miami. Anyhoo, it looked like a fascinating idea — a restaurant full of standard American fare, attached to a video game arcade. It made me think of GameWorks, but maybe a little less indie-hipster-gastropub. (I don’t know if all GameWorks locations were like that, but the Seattle one was definitely trying for the fancier side in their restaurant.) Finally, last. . . Read More!

Top 7: Video Games

Top 7. Because 5 is never enough, but I’m too lazy for 10. I was going to say that I wasn’t a huge gamer growing up, but thinking about it, that’s totally not true. When I was a kid, we had an Intellivision. I loved playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons on that sucker (even though I’ve never played D&D in real life). We also had an Atari 400 — many of the games came on audiocassettes, and you’d put them in a special player that took a half-hour to load. . . Read More!


Here’s a LOLcat that actually made me laugh out loud. Which rarely happens. Of all of you out there watching Dancing with the Stars, is there anyone else who dislikes Cloris Leachman? I feel like I’m in the minority here — the reality round-up I read has an author who’s all, Cloris is still in it! Yay! I just find her irritating, and desperately trying to amuse us, and there’s just no joy in her for me whatsover. I’m meeting up with some Comedy Warehouse folk this afternoon at the. . . Read More!


Our Xbox 360 is bricked. We have the red ring of death. Xbox support was very helpful, and a shipping box is on its way to us. Although they’re not being terribly secretive about their call center — the hold music was a radio station in India. In an intriguing coincidence, Scott just got Forza 2 a couple of weeks ago, and has been playing it. Not extensively, but still — it just fuels the rumors that F2 bricks Xboxes. Read More!

Bloody Splicers!

We rented the new game BioShock this last week. As usual, I watched Scott play, then I started my own game on the “easy” setting. Having watched him play most of the game, I tore through it in just a couple of days. I don’t usually go for the first-person shooters (I’m more of a platformer), but this game was just amazing. The environment, the story, the steampunk weapons, and even the background sound and music (a great collection of 40s tunes like “Beyond the Sea” and “Bei Mir Bist. . . Read More!


We combined our birthday power and got an Xbox 360 yesterday. It came with Xbox Arcade, and Scott also bought Gears of War. I’m just glad that Psychonauts is now bacward-compatible. Now if only they’d add Mercenaries to the list, before Mercenaries 2 comes out (in “holiday 2007”). Read More!

Quel Week!

Last week. Whew! I was in both Reality World shows over the weekend — and won the one I was competing in. Last season, I went 5 straight final-twos without winning, but then finally won the last show of the run. Looks like my luck has finally turned. I hosted one, and while it took me a little bit to get into the groove, I really felt on my game. It was awesome. Scott fiddled with our old PS2, and finally got it to recognize controllers in both ports (when. . . Read More!


I love watching Scott play video games, because I get to enjoy helping strategize and finding hidden treasure and stuff without having to learn the controls and such. Lately he’s been playing Mercenaries, which is an awesome game. It’s broken up into four parts, based on the suits in a deck of cards. I didn’t see him play any of the Clubs contracts — I only started watching him play halfway through the Diamonds. So I figured I’d start up with a different mercenary (he chose Nilsson, the insane murderous. . . Read More!