Cheeeeeeze ball!

So last night Scott and I went to see the magnificent musical that is Starlight Express. My folks absolutely adore this show, and have seen it probably a dozen times in various places (I guess it’s a house show in one of the Vegas casinos). When they saw it was coming to Seattle, they bought us tickets. I’d seen the show once before, back in Days of Olde (1990). It was a very different show back then — this version we just saw is technically The NEW Starlight Express. Which. . . Read More!


I love the musical The Fantasticks. However, I now have to wash the taste of the movie version out of my mouth. They deleted songs. They rewrote songs. They hacked chunks out of songs. The acting was so-so at best, as was the singing. Joey McIntyre as the boy-in-love was atrocious. Not only is his voice reedy and weak, he looks like the dumbest person ever to crawl the earth. All of the simplicity, the beauty, the magic of this play have been sucked out. I’ve seen the play several. . . Read More!

oh. my. stars.

Last night, coming home from poker night at a friend’s house, Scott and I heard something on the radio for the first time. It was a little something called The Christmas Shoes. You may note, I don’t refer to this as a song. I won’t even refer to it as a “tune.” Because to compare this piece of offal to music would only cheapen actual music. It was the most disgusting piece of crapulence ever to assault my ears. I absolutely cannot believe there are people who “love” that hunk. . . Read More!

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Last night, I tortured Scott and watched the four hour presentation of Oklahoma! on PBS. It’s part of the Great Performances series, and starred Hugh Jackman as Curley. Yes, that’s right. Hugh Jackman. (And when I hear that name, my brain automatically turns it into Huge Ackman.) The man has a fantastic singing voice. It was a pretty good show, but an eerie experience for me. I haven’t seen a production of Oklahoma! since the one I was actually in, some dozen-plus years ago. So all of the dialog was. . . Read More!

Yahoo! Messenger. Good times!

I turned on Yahoo! Messenger. Always good for a laugh, since total strangers can see that you’re online and just chat you up. It would appear this one found me through my Yahoo! LaunchCast station, since they’re commenting on my dubious musical tastes. Yes, I like the Spice Girls. They’re entertaining fluff. Deal with it. dancinchica2145: hey the_missy: Yes? dancinchica2145: u like the spice girls? the_missy: Sure, why not. dancinchica2145: u do dancinchica2145: weirdo the_missy: Thanks, stranger. You’re too kind. dancinchica2145: but the spice girls r weird the_missy: Oh, “r”. . . Read More!

Hooray for Mike McCready!

Pearl Jam Guitarist Goes Public with Crohn’s I have so much respect for this guy for coming out about his disease. Crohn’s can be such an embarrassing topic, it’s hard to be open about just how sick you can be. I’m glad to see someone in the public eye speaking out about the disease. You can damn well bet that if I’m ever famous in any way, I’ll be more than open about my Crohn’s, because I know only too well the shame and pain and feeling of being alone. . . Read More!