I keep making fonts, and doing other stuff.

Once again, I’m back to this blog after a long stretch. I’ve been mostly busy with font-making; I’m getting close to having 50 premium fonts for sale. (47 right now, so I might make the 50-font mark before the year ends!) I’ve put a few promo images from four of my most recent up above in the picture. As always, you can check out all of my fonts over at my portfolio site. (I’ve added in a couple of new freebies since last I blogged, as well, so don’t miss. . . Read More!

Busy Fun Font Times!

Newish fonts

Boy howdy, have I been busy! Just … y’know, not here. I’ve been blogging up a storm over at the Font Bundles blog. If you’re interested in design and fonts, here are some hot posts: Manly Fonts for Dudes Applying Distressed Text Effects to Your Fonts (in Photoshop) Basic Color Theory Let’s Take a Look at Some Logo Layouts and Font Choices (this one gets pretty snarky) Deep Dive: Tracing and the Monogram It App That’s just a selection of some of the vast numbers of words I’ve been churning. . . Read More!

Scars, Jobs, and Underpants

SCARS: My stitches are out! Of course, the wounds still look kind of angry. But I did get hearty kudos at the dermatologist’s office — they said I’d done a great job with my wound care, and had kept everything (everyone’s favorite word) moist. The stitches came right out, smooth as silk. All that for a little mole. Seems a bit drastic! The good dermatological news is that on all three things that were excised, the margins are clear — they got the whole mole out on all of them.. . . Read More!

December Is X-Ray Month

I’ve been a massive blog slacker, I see. Over a fortnight since a post! I’ve had posts rolling around in my head, including another couple of top sevens, but life. She gets in the way. This last couple of weeks in particular have been harrowing as far as pet health goes. About three weeks ago, our big fat tabby started having a little goo around one eye. He has, in the past, had a knack for getting hairs stuck in his eyes and getting winky for a couple of days,. . . Read More!

Que Sera Sera

We had an island-wide meeting this afternoon, and the news has broken at the Orlando Sentinel — as of September 27, 2008, all of the nightclubs on Pleasure Island will be closing. This means that my job ends in three months. On the pro list, it’s nice to have three months to find another job. There are plenty of opportunities here at WDW, and they’ve told us all that the company will work as hard as they can to get us into new Equity roles. On the flip side, it. . . Read More!

I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS

Scott just posted the news over on his own blog, but I’ll spread the word here as well. The contracts are now signed for the first Basic Instructions book. It will be published in the near future (date currently unspecified) by our new friends at Dark Horse Comics. There are no words, aside from “awesome”, to describe how awesome this is. I’m so delighted for him! 2007 is continuing to be a hell of a great year for us. Read More!


I’ve had to keep this under my hat for a while, but now it’s “out there”. Scott has been emailing back and forth with Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) for a couple of months, with Adams offering various pieces of comic strip advice. A couple of weeks ago, Adams made a proposal: to run a sort of reality show in his own blog, where he offers the advice publicly and shows some of the discussions. Here’s the first installment. EDIT: Yes, the basicinstructions.net site is pretty much crashed again, just. . . Read More!

Life Imitates Art

Albuquerque has a minor-league baseball team. That team is the Albuquerque Isotopes. They’re in the same league as the Tacoma Rainiers. I may have to attend a game this season. Read More!

Oh Nooooo! Dr. A!

Atkins Hospitalized… “Low-carbohydrate diet promoter Dr. Robert Atkins remained hospitalized in extremely serious condition following surgery for severe head injuries he suffered in a fall on an icy sidewalk, his spokesman said… ‘He was negotiating the snow and ice and failed in that negotiation,’ spokesman Richard Rothstein said.” Of course, I’m sure his detractors will twist the event so that it was Atkins’ weakened bones or frail health, due to his dangerous low-carb diet, that caused the fall. Jeez, the guy’s 72. Read More!