A Sign from Above. 5 Feet Above.

It’s been an eventful December. We’re packing to move house these days. We’re just going about 10 miles away from where we are now, and we’ll be paying less money for a little larger space. Win/win. We’ve known that we would be moving with the expiration of our current lease, but it’s as if our apartment is telling us over and over again to get out. First it was the new neighbors across the hall, who moved in a few months ago and haven’t learned that you don’t need to. . . Read More!

Wellness Biometric Screening

A lot of workplaces lately are offering discounts or bonuses on health insurance based on biometric screenings. I went and had mine today, even though I think the whole thing is … well, if not a complete pile of bull, then a bunch of somewhat-wrongs wrapped up in a bow. The screening consisted of several parts. Here’s why they all suck: 1. BMI: First, they measured my height and weight, and used a chart to show my BMI, or body mass index. Now, for someone of my average height (5-foot-4). . . Read More!

A Disappointing "Farmers' Market"

I’ve given our local farmers’ market three tries now. And it’s three strikes. When I think of a “farmers’ market”, I think of fresh, local foods. Produce, meats, dairy. And I know there are tons of these things around; the grocery stores frequently carry local fruits, and there are cattle grazing on pasture not five minutes from my apartment in pretty much any direction. Maybe my expectations were too high. I expected, since the sign said “Farmers’ Market”, that there would be more than one actual farmer represented. Unfortunately, there. . . Read More!

Thoughts on Improv as a Workplace

I’m going through old posts on an old blog, and posting some of them over here. This post is originally from 2005, but I feel exactly the same now as I did then. People join improv groups for a variety of reasons, from honing their improv skills to just plain having fun. Depending on their experience level, these people have vastly different expectations of how an improv group runs. But one thing seems to be clear — the less an improv group is run in a businesslike fashion, the less. . . Read More!

From the Photo Archives

Here are a couple of pictures taken from my various travels that I haven’t posted yet. Is anybody else horrified by the Sherwin-Williams logo? They want to “Cover the Earth” with paint! How environmentally-friendly is that? Every person, animal, and object would end up like that chick at the beginning of Goldfinger (and according to my other half, in the original book of Goldfinger, the whole painted-chick thing [along with most of the other good action stuff] doesn’t happen). We saw these playing cards at a Pier 1 store right. . . Read More!

A Tale of Two Prescriptions

At the pharmacy today: Me: Hi, I have two prescriptions ready, but I’m only picking one of them up. Pharmacy Lady: Sure, can I get your name and birthdate? Me: [name, birthdate] PL: (looking at computer) And now, which one … wha … wha … WHOA, WHAT! Me: Yeah, that’s why I’m not picking that one up yet. PL: WOW. So for my Crohn’s disease, I’m currently taking two medications. One (Azasan) is a daily tablet, the other (Cimzia) is a monthly injection. I’d been getting the monthly injections via. . . Read More!


I just pulled a bunch of pictures off my cell phone. Here’s what I’ve taken snappies of this week: On this week’s Dancing with the Stars results show, Susan Boyle sang “I Dreamed a Dream”. What was especially strange was this shot, where her giant head loomed over the two dancers. It reminded me distinctly of one of Scott’s favorite YouTube videos, Telly Savalas doing a spoken-word rendition of Bread’s “If”. Scott loves that video so much, he did a comic strip mocking it. The whole thing has become terribly. . . Read More!

In Florida

In Florida, traffic signs and signals are regarded more as guidelines than as rules. You can expect anywhere from one to six cars to go through a light after it’s turned red, and nobody ever honks their horn at any of these scofflaws. In Florida, the roads all have much higher speed limits than you’d expect. It seems like the entire roadway system is made up of wide parkways, where you can drive 55 from stoplight to stoplight. But there are also toll roads, which cost a few quarters to. . . Read More!

a network of pure crystalline hatred

I’m putting together a cheat sheet for apartment hunting — a single page with our last few apartments’ addresses and phone numbers, as well as some employment history. It totally makes it easier than trying to remember everywhere we’ve lived on the fly. Anyhoo, I was browsing around the internets, trying to find phone numbers for our last few apartment buildings, and I came across a page of reviews for the “management company” that owned our last apartment. For those who recall, it was the tiny craphole apartment on Queen. . . Read More!


Hey, Visa — are you implying, in your commercial where patrons of a cafeteria wander around to the delightful tune of “Powerhouse”, that it’s faster to pay for purchases with Visa than with cash? Maybe that’ll be the case in ten years, when we all have barcodes tattooed on our foreheads and RFID chips in our skin, but right now the concept seems totally absurd. Hey, Comcast — yes, you used those cute let’s-go-to-the-lobby animated snacks in your commercial about movies on demand. However, throughout the commercial, the family dog. . . Read More!