Impending Lemons?

I had a horrible dream last night, in which some unknown evil person broke off all the branches of my little lemon trees. Although I guess as far as bad dreams go, that’s pretty tame. Nevertheless, this morning I went out to make sure my little friends were all right. Trouble the cat accompanied me out onto the balcony, as always. She loves it out there, even though she’s the one who’s afraid of most people. On the flip side, Commie the social butterfly is terrified of the deck. He’ll. . . Read More!

Photodump: Disney, Ducks, Dinner

We have some visiting guests this week, which meant voyaging out to a couple of Disney parks. Always nice to have a reminder that when you’re outside for a while in Florida in August, it’s REALLY HOT. Scott got a little pink on top of his head. But fun was had by all. (He actually beat me at Toy Story Midway Mania for the first time EVER.) We saw the Cowboy Woody doll in a couple of places. But next to Jessie, it made a packaging peculiarity even more perplexing:. . . Read More!

Fortnightly Update & Photodump

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve posted. Ack! It’s been a hustle-bustle fortnight here at the House of Meyer. Workwise, I’ve just finished a week of training for my actual job. If you’ll recall, I’ve been doing some basic greeting and luggage-hefting until they had a classroom session available. I only had to wait a month and a half to start my actual training, which is apparently fairly fast. The five days of training consisted of one day of learning the two software programs, then four days of doing. . . Read More!

Photodump: Vistor and Early Summer

Summer has arrived early here in Florida. Although it was partly cloudy today. Horrible, right? Right. Temperatures are around 90 degrees right now, with humidity to match. I’m working outside, but at least I’m working in the shade, so it’s tolerable. As for the job, it’s going well. I’ve learned that (a) I’m physically stronger than I thought, and (b) I’m much stronger now than I was a month ago. Not that I’m all muscley or anything, but 50-pound suitcases are way easier to lift. I’ve had more than one. . . Read More!

How Did That Happen?

Heard a bunch of sirens this morning, and peeked out the window to see several fire trucks heading to the other side of the apartment complex. A while later I looked outside, and then had to go over to the pond to take this picture: It appears that some residents set fire to their deck. This is actually a very impressive feat. See, the deck planks are nice, solid 2x4s. And I watched these dozen-or-so firemen pry out planks and pass them over to the guy on the ladder, who. . . Read More!

Photodump: Feet, Tongue, Family Planning

Time for another batch of pictures from the ol’ cameraphone! My buddy Allison has a pair of Dansko clogs, and she swears they’re the most comfortable shoes ever. I tried some on at The Walking Company, which is one of those mall stores full of really large, clunky shoes. Al’s right — these are some really comfy shoes (Pricey, but sometimes they’re under $50 at Amazon). While at The Walking Company, they offered to analyze my feet with their high-tech machine. Apparently I’m very unusual, in that I stand with. . . Read More!

Scars, Jobs, and Underpants

SCARS: My stitches are out! Of course, the wounds still look kind of angry. But I did get hearty kudos at the dermatologist’s office — they said I’d done a great job with my wound care, and had kept everything (everyone’s favorite word) moist. The stitches came right out, smooth as silk. All that for a little mole. Seems a bit drastic! The good dermatological news is that on all three things that were excised, the margins are clear — they got the whole mole out on all of them.. . . Read More!

Photodump: Ducks, Apostrophes, Fingerlessness!

First off, WordPress 3.1 is out. Its name is Reinhardt. If you’re a WordPresser, get some! Secondly, The American Idol top 24 performances start tomorrow. In years past, over on LiveJournal, I used to run contests guessing who’d be eliminated every week. Is anyone out there interested in participating this year? Looks like there are some real good’uns, and some fantastic crapburgers this season. Thirdly, as I’m previewing this post on my site, there’s an ad over to the side —> for a lawyer who looks like he wants to. . . Read More!

Daytona Beeyotch

We took a wee road trip today. Recently we finished off our ginormous bottle of Red Robin’s seasoned salt, so I proposed a lunch voyage to RR. Not only is it a source of seasoning, but it’s also a chance to have a tastes-like-home meal. Since Red Robin is from Seattle. I also feel homey in Costco. But strangely, I don’t head off to Nordstrom that frequently. Hmm. There are now six Red Robin locations in Florida. But the closest one to Orlando is around 55 miles away, in Port. . . Read More!

Photodump: Catty Valentinemas, Whorini!

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Not a holiday I choose to celebrate, because I don’t eat candy and I don’t like flowers. Live plants are cool — I just don’t like a big handful of dying things. Although there’s always a cupcake cake … I think it’s supposed to be a heart. Covered with bon-bons. Which are made out of poop-colored frosting. It’s too late in the season to send this over to our friends at CakeWrecks, so here it is. This was at our nearest Target, where the bakery. . . Read More!