A Dump from the Camera Phone

What did we do before our phones had good-quality cameras attached? I know what I did — carried a point-and-shoot in my purse. And before that, I just missed out on being able to share random things I see. But since blogs didn’t exist then, none of us knew what we were missing. Onward, to things I’ve photographed! I don’t ever want to get into a car accident with a vehicle that reads “prepare to meet god” anywhere on it. It seems more like a threat than a recommendation, you. . . Read More!

Flora, Fauna, Fungus, and Bacteria

Came home today to find this ginormous mushroom next to the parking lot. Did a double-take, saw the tiny lizard on top of it. He scampered off just as my phone made its picture-clicky sound. Meanwhile, the sourdough starter from the freezer is ready to use. It grew to more than double its original size (marked with a line) in two hours. Sadly, the pantry stuff isn’t quite there yet. (Although another day or two might get it there.) I think I’m going to mix a little of the pantry. . . Read More!

Trip to Miami – Photos!

So we just got back from a quickie trip down to Miami (Well, okay, to Hollywood. Which is right next to Miami.) for reasons I’ll explain in the next text post. I figured I’d make a seperate entry for my snappies. First off, BUGS! The first 100 miles or so of our trip from Orlando to Miami was through lovebug country. If you don’t know about lovebugs, count yourself lucky. You could look them up on the Wiki, but the short version is that they’re pairs of bugs joined at. . . Read More!

Unloading the Phone Camera

Every now and then, I realize that I have a load of vaguely-interesting snappies on the ol’ phone. So here’s a bit meaty wad of them. Lots of construction walls are up in the Magic Kingdom, and instead of just telling us something like “This area is being refurbished for your enjoyment”, they have signs on them with inspirational quotes. The grammar on this one perplexes me. I think the period after the first word should actually be a comma, to make this one complete sentence. Either that, or an. . . Read More!

More Snappies

I was visiting the daily Dear Abby column over on Yahoo!, and saw this frightening ad over on the right: Now, I’ve seen plenty of the “Obama urges moms to go back to school” kind of ads. They’re on Web sites, on Facebook, every ding-dong place. but this was my first encounter with Obama encouraging a serial killer to get discounts on car insurance. It’s not through Geico; he’s not a caveman. SHUDDER. Meanwhile, I saw this truck the other day while driving around with my parents. Stay classy, dude.. . . Read More!

From the Photo Archives

Here are a couple of pictures taken from my various travels that I haven’t posted yet. Is anybody else horrified by the Sherwin-Williams logo? They want to “Cover the Earth” with paint! How environmentally-friendly is that? Every person, animal, and object would end up like that chick at the beginning of Goldfinger (and according to my other half, in the original book of Goldfinger, the whole painted-chick thing [along with most of the other good action stuff] doesn’t happen). We saw these playing cards at a Pier 1 store right. . . Read More!