A Sign from Above. 5 Feet Above.

It’s been an eventful December. We’re packing to move house these days. We’re just going about 10 miles away from where we are now, and we’ll be paying less money for a little larger space. Win/win. We’ve known that we would be moving with the expiration of our current lease, but it’s as if our apartment is telling us over and over again to get out. First it was the new neighbors across the hall, who moved in a few months ago and haven’t learned that you don’t need to. . . Read More!

A Mini Staycation

I’ll admit, a staycation is probably a lot more fun here in Orlando than it is in a lot of other cities. Scott’s younger brother visited us for a few days, so we took time off and checked out some places we hadn’t yet visited. We also got in a good little chunk of Disney, of course. I’m hosting these snappies over at Flickr — I’ve been receiving notices that my site is going over some allotment of something, since I’m on the cheapest possible plan. It’s probably my penchant. . . Read More!

My Big Fat Jeopardy! Audition

I put my pictures in a separate entry. Here’s the deets on the reason for the trip. Back in January, I took the online Jeopardy! test. I’ve taken it the last couple of years. Don’t know if I’ve passed it before — usually there are too many sports or bible questions, which are my Kryptonite. I think I lucked out this time with my standard “if it’s a basketball question, the answer is Kobe Bryant” approach. Because I’m pretty sure it actually was Kobe Bryant. Anyhoo, got an email back. . . Read More!

Trip to Miami – Photos!

So we just got back from a quickie trip down to Miami (Well, okay, to Hollywood. Which is right next to Miami.) for reasons I’ll explain in the next text post. I figured I’d make a seperate entry for my snappies. First off, BUGS! The first 100 miles or so of our trip from Orlando to Miami was through lovebug country. If you don’t know about lovebugs, count yourself lucky. You could look them up on the Wiki, but the short version is that they’re pairs of bugs joined at. . . Read More!

Project Jeopardy

Next month, we’re going on a little road trip down to Miami. I’ve been invited to the callback audition for Jeopardy!*, which is very exciting for me — I’ve tried out for it several times, and this is the first time I’ve made it to the second round. The callback will last from 2 to 2.5 hours, and will consist of playing a mock game and taking an additional trivia test, as well as some light interviewing. I don’t actually expect to make it into the contestant pool (I’m a. . . Read More!

So, Seattle.

What a great little trip. To start with, Continental Airlines still feeds you meals on their flights. I’d become used to Alaska’s technique of making you pay 5 dollars for a little box of various snacks. Thanks, Continental! The shows were all great — I felt a little rusty doing the Flick, but each night got better (everyone was spectacular in Saturday’s show, IMO). As for the Jet City shows — I wasn’t prepared for the slower pace on Friday. I was freaking out a lot of the time, thinking. . . Read More!

The Adventure Continues!

Whew! What a couple of days this has been. One cable guy came out today and set us up with internet. He didn’t, however, bring the two cable cards that we need for the TiVo, so we had to request a second truck. But in between those, our power got cut off. So we had to go out to the utility company and have the power restored. But our lease didn’t quite have the right address on it, so we had to get a fax from the office correcting it.. . . Read More!


I’m getting pretty tired of hotel/motel rooms. I want my own bed, slathered with cats. I also want to cook my own food. Almost all of the apartment paperwork is done, apparently … they were waiting on two more things when I talked to the lady earlier today. So hopefully we’ll be able to sign the lease tomorrow. I hope we do — we’d like to buy a few necessary items, like toilet paper and kitty litter, to put in the apartment so we have it when we get here. . . Read More!

Travel Update – Day 6

Day 6 Baton Rouge, LA to Kissimmee, FL 706 miles / approx. 11 hours We did it! Welcome to Florida, “America’s Wang”! Right now we’re in a 4th-floor room at a hotel in Kissimmee, FL — we can see the fireworks at Epcot from our window. We can also see the backside of Expedition Everest over at Animal Kingdom. Awesome. We could have stopped for the night in Ocala, which is around 80 miles to the north, but we pushed through and drove all the way here. It’s a nice. . . Read More!

Travel Update – Day 5

Day 5 Ft Worth, TX to Baton Rouge, LA 450 miles / approx. 9 hours We didn’t make it to Mobile, but we made it farther than we thought we would when we left this morning. When we woke up, it was snowing in Ft Worth, with about an inch on the ground. After watching the local news and fretting for a while, we got on the road around 9:30am. It was snowy and slushy through Dallas, and we ate up an hour going about 20 miles, but the roads. . . Read More!