I love watching Scott play video games, because I get to enjoy helping strategize and finding hidden treasure and stuff without having to learn the controls and such. Lately he’s been playing Mercenaries, which is an awesome game. It’s broken up into four parts, based on the suits in a deck of cards. I didn’t see him play any of the Clubs contracts — I only started watching him play halfway through the Diamonds. So I figured I’d start up with a different mercenary (he chose Nilsson, the insane murderous. . . Read More!

Misc. Entertainments

I’m trying out some new shows from the summer reality season. Hit Me Baby One More Time (NBC): Partly cool, partly scary. I was freaked out by A Flock of Seagulls — you could tell by his face that the lead singer (who I always want to call Mike Judge, but is really Mike Score) is the same guy, but the rest of him was totally different. Including his voice. It was horrifying. The other groups/artists sounded OK, and I’ll be keeping this show on the schedule. It does make. . . Read More!


Let’s talk Star Trek. I’m asking the eternal question: Who was the best captain? Also, what’s your criteria for judging the best captain? A while back, Scott got into this very conversation with a woman. She claimed Kirk, he claimed Picard. She was all, “But Kirk is so much more fun to watch!” Scott countered that with his opinion that Picard was a better captain because he was more sensible, less hasty, more of a thinker and less of a let’s-go-make-sweet-alien-love-immediately kind of guy. She looked at him strangely and. . . Read More!

In the Inbox

From today’s Performer’s Callboard: Casting Call: Mark Burnett Seeks Next Great Rock Star (Nationwide) Mark Burnett Productions is looking for the Next Great Rock Star and is holding auditions is several major cities in the upcoming weeks. Ultimately he or she who wins the competition, will become the new lead singer for the rock group INXS and accompany the band on a worldwide concert tour and become part of the group’s next album. For city/venue locations, dates and times, go to and click on The Next Great Rock Star.. . . Read More!


It’s been a while … so here are some observations after this latest episode of The Amazing Race. I know a lot of people don’t like the bowling moms, because they lied to the father-daughter team about needing to get their money exchanged at the airport. However, having watched every episode of every season of this show, I believe that lies and misinformation are a perfectly acceptable tactic when racing. Heck, I would never take the advice of a competing team without double-checking that info with a neutral third party.. . . Read More!

Reality Check

So TiVo, sweet TiVo, didn’t get the last ten minutes of Joe Schmo 2. All of the ads say that it will start at 11:15 on Monday nights … so of course, TiVo records from 11:05 to 12:05. Bad TiVo! We’ve seen most of the episode … the whole inclusion of Ingrid, the new player Amanda, and so on. But we haven’t seen the wick-lighting ceremony, and we don’t know who gets evicted. So please, no spoilers! I like what they decided to do with Ingrid, and I think she’ll. . . Read More!

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Last night, I tortured Scott and watched the four hour presentation of Oklahoma! on PBS. It’s part of the Great Performances series, and starred Hugh Jackman as Curley. Yes, that’s right. Hugh Jackman. (And when I hear that name, my brain automatically turns it into Huge Ackman.) The man has a fantastic singing voice. It was a pretty good show, but an eerie experience for me. I haven’t seen a production of Oklahoma! since the one I was actually in, some dozen-plus years ago. So all of the dialog was. . . Read More!


Letterman’s kid was born. They named him Harry. Scott hears this and says: “So that means Leno is going to go over to their house and try to kill them all, but he’ll just leave baby Harry with a lightning-bolt scar on his forehead.” Glad I wasn’t trying to drink anything at the time. Read More!

"Reality" TV

Spike TV. Television made for men, but awesome enough for a woman. We watched an episode of Joe Schmo tonight. What a great reality show … I wonder why nobody ever did it before. It’s a staged reality show: every contestant is an actor, except for one. There’s one guy who thinks he’s actually in a game, on a show, for real. Scott and I are hooked. Had a meeting/rehearsal thingy for The Lost Folio this evening. I feel like I’ve been in some sort of Shakespeare immersion for the. . . Read More!

Fashionable Reality

We just finished watching this week’s episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Scott and I discussed that it’s quite possibly the most supportive and kind show on TV. Once again, it looked like the straight guy in question was on the verge of tears when it came time to bid the Fab 5 goodbye. That’s just so sweet! Coming up on Friday, the new season of TLC’s What Not to Wear begins. The old male host, Wayne, is replaced by a new guy, Clinton Kelly. Thank goodness they’ve. . . Read More!