My selection of fonts has grown enormously! These images all link to their pages at Behance, where you can find out details, see the fonts in action, and find out where to get them. Looking for something free? Scroll down — I have a bunch of freebies available!

Premium Paid Fonts

tallsy-smalls        gumption

cherry-header        zooky-squash

kidlit-1-hero        king-basil-main

breezy-1-hero        bobbles-hero

race-coarse        rough-puff

undulant        tingler-duo

morning-hero        big-freeze-frost


100% Free Fonts

free-scampers        free-skellyman

free-ludicrous        free-hot-deals

free-trawll        free-sprightly

free-sprightly-two        free-skrawk

free-brizzush        free-gallimaufry

free-holidoodles        free-cavorting

free-tragic        free-twenty-minutes

And here’s the content of the old fonts page!

A brand new font for 2008/2009.
Download missy-new.ttf (36k .ttf file)

Boldly Missy regular and Boldly Missy bold. Two fonts in one family.
(As seen on the Web comic Basic Instructions!)
Download BoldlyMissy.otf (34k .otf file)
Download BoldlyMissyBold.otf (32k .otf file)

A font of my handwriting, tidy mess that it is.
Download (24k .zip file)

A thinner, more streamlined handwriting font.
Download (31k .zip file)


  1. A truly excellent font, which they will not under any circumstances let me use on reports at work. I’ve tried. 🙁


  2. Ohoho, yes! I love mixed-case comic fonts. There are so few free, nice ones, I horde them. Thanks so much for making these available.


  3. So I typed a midterm with this and I got an A HA! Was it because the paper its slf was decent or was it the font? It was clearly the font.


  4. Hi Missy,

    I just ordered business cards with a font called missy. Don’t know if that is also yours. That one I also found on the web, but I had to pay for it. Then I found these. Not the same but similar and also very nice. Thanks for sharing them!
    I also like to make stuff (real soap from scratch, cremes, jewelry, giftboxes etc etc). The local gift shop maybe wants to sell some of my stuff, so I needed a card/ label. My aim is young people or people who feel young! And the Missy font is just right, I think! Now I can start making a website with your font.


    missy Reply:

    I hope someone else out there didn’t take them and put them somewhere for money!


  5. Thanks — I always wanted to send an letter using a font with my name 🙂


    missy Reply:

    Hooray for other Missys!


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