Big Yellow Taxi

Driving home tonight, I was treated to some unknown pop group’s fresh new rendition of “Big Yellow Taxi.”

How many times does this song need to be redone? I’ve heard like 5 versions of it already, and “BYT” is not a song I have ever sought out. In this particular version, apparently they thought to change it up a little by using some different notes than the original. And add some syllabubs here and there. (I meant syllable, not syllabub. I’ll give a quarter to the first person who gets the reference.) Heck, I made my dad a CD with 15 different versions of the song “Hotel California,” because he has this “thing” for the Hotel California. When we went to Cabo San Lucas a few years back, he hired an all-day taxi to take us an hour out into the desert to the town of Todos Santos, where we proceeded to have lunch at the Hotel California. Such a lovely place. We were livin’ it up at the… well, you get the idea. 15 versions, people! I don’t care if the song is considered a classic, there should be limits to the number of times people can (to quote American Idol,) “make the song their own.” Want to remake a song? Pick something that hasn’t been done before. Remake “Xanadu.”

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