Happy Oyster

I’ve been asked a number of times today if I have anything fun planned for Easter. Maybe it’s that I’m not a christian, but I never ask people if they’re planning on enjoying a religious holiday. Because I know that not everybody is of that religion, and not everybody celebrates that holiday. All I know is I get tired of the following:

Well-wisher: So, have anything fun planned for Easter?
Missy: Um… not really. I don’t celebrate Easter.
Well-wisher: Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were Jewish!
Missy: Um…I’m not.

Then they give me the look. The “you have alien spiders on your face” look. And sure, I could just tell people, “Oh yeah, I’m sure Easter will be bitchin’.” But should I really have to do that? People act like I’m the rude one for not just “going with the flow.” But really, aren’t they the rude one for making assumptions? Wasn’t this country built on religious freedom?

At any rate, it’s only 12 days until Beltane.