I am woman, hear me door

Yesterday, we went to help with the construction/deconstruction at Jet City Improv’s new home, the Historic University Theater. While they were working at making the offices habitable upstairs, Scott and I were charged with hanging a door.

Now for those of you who know me, I probably don’t strike you as a very constructionally-inclined individual. Though you may be interested to know that I brought more tools into the marriage than Mr. Meyer. At any rate, it turns out that though we’ve both had passing acquaintance with tools, neither of us had ever hung a door.

Oh, the trial and error. Oh, the discussions about hinge placement, swing arc and door-weight-to-hinge-capacity ratios. And did I mention the trial and error?

All in all, we did a fantastic job. Our first door. It swings easily and smoothly, but is so well balanced that when you let go at any point, it stays right where it is. I feel like a parent whose child swings easily and smoothly, but is so well balanced… well, you get the point.

So if you’re in the Historic University Theater, and need to open the glass-front door that leads from the lobby to the stairs, please take a moment and give thanks to us. The door hangers. The macho, grunting door hangers. The Gods-Among-Humans who hang doors. For we are marvelous.