I should stop driving blue cars.

So I’m walking out to my car this morning. It’s parked on the street, and I’m approaching it from the front.

My first thought is, wow, did I really park it that far from the curb? I’m a terrible parallel parker!

Then I get up to the driver’s side and see a police department business card stuck in my door. I think to myself, Awww, crap, did I get a ticket for parking too far from the curb? But there’s no sign of a ticket under either windshield wiper. And the business card is the same kind that I’ve seen before, with an accident case number on it.

Then I look toward the back of my car.

The rear of my car is completely smashed up. I’m afraid to open the trunk, because I don’t think it would close again. And then, I think about where I’d parked, and realize that the car is probably a good 12 feet further forward than where I’d left it. It must have taken a powerful hit to move it that far.

We can’t get a copy of the police report (was it a hit and run? Or do they have information on the other driver?) until Monday. So I don’t even know if I can go after the other guy’s insurance until I find out the situation the police have on record. Even worse, Allstate says we can’t even get an appointment to have the damage looked at by a claims inspector until next Friday. But they’re generously offering us a rental car rate of only $19.99 per day.

In the last 7 years, this is now Scott’s and my fourth severely damaging car accident. All three other cars have been totaled. And not a single one of these four have been our fault. Needless to say, I am Very Pissed Off.

edit: I’ve cooled off somewhat. Scott and I have concluded that it can’t be a hit-and-run, simply because the police made a report. They wouldn’t have just come across my hit car and filled anything out, so they must have been there to deal with the other driver. I just can’t wait until Monday, when I can get hold of the police report, just to see what the hell happened.