Reality Check

I’m just now catching up on my reality TV from vacation. I did manage to see Survivor last Thursday night, and all I can say to that is, “you go girls!” Meanwhile…

American Idol: Wildcard Show — so 4 more hopeful kids will move on to the finals. And not all of the wildcards are from the finals; a couple of them made the quarterfinals but weren’t selected for the semifinals. An interesting twist, which injects a hearty helping of “meh” into the contest. With most of the QF-not-SF kids, it’s pretty obvious why they didn’t move on to the SF round in the first place; even the technically good performances are accompanied by a prominent lack of personality and stage presence.

Of course, my love is still in the protected-pocket of übergeek Clay Aiken. I’m sure he’ll be zipped right into the finals; that boy is so perfect he’s like a singing robot. My little Claybot. Danger, Will Robinson!

It doesn’t help these kids that instead of a live piano, they’re singing to cheesy karaoke beats. Besides Clay, I’d say the movers will be trashy blonde Kimberly Caldwell, stilted Michael Jacksoneer Chip Days and Trenyce, who not only looks a little like a female impersonator, but should have been scolded harshly for tossing aside what I’m sure was a perfectly serviceable last name.

All right, I want to make sure to log my predictions before the airing of the results show (that’s 8, 7 Central). Now to kill an hour watching the premiere episode of Married by America from Monday. I expect it to suck like a Hoover.

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