Tales from the Jury Room, Day Two

Rolled into the Municipal Justice building to find that the baggage x-ray machine was broken, so all bags were being searched by hand. We all had to wait in a sizeable line, but because I’m habitually early, I still made it to the jury assembly room before our 9am call time. A panel was called almost immediately, but I was not on it. After sitting around for a while, another panel was called at around 11am. Again, not so much with the Missy.

I was sitting across from a truly grotesque woman; she had a huge bag of cherries and was slowly eating them. She would put a whole cherry in her mouth, then smack on it for a while with her mouth open, then pretty much drool the pip out into her hand. The cherries were apparently giving her phlegm issues, because in between EVERY SINGLE ONE, she had to (Harry Potter 5 readers will get this one) hem-hem-hem. Tasty.

I caught a nap from 11 until 11:30 (how awesome is it that they have padded benches in the sun that I can stretch out on?) and then we were dismissed early for lunch. Giving me a full two hours’ lunch break. I made a few calls, then headed down to the waterfront. Six blocks downhill, stopped for a quick burger, then cruised along the waterfront. Turned up at the Harbor Steps, which I had never before climbed. Cruised up through the Pike Place Public Market, then back up to Westlake Mall, then back to the MJ building. I got back a half-hour early, so I went out to the huge sunny terrace off the jury assembly room and read in the sun.

Finally, at 2:30pm, I got called for another panel. There were a couple of people there who were also on my first panel, including Limey. However, Limey was dressed in fluorescent coral today. Not quite pink, not quite orange, but a hideous combination of the two. I can’t wait to see what Limey wears tomorrow, because it’s sure to make my eyes hurt.

I made it on a jury, but of course I can’t tell anything about that yet. After leaving for the day, I hoofed it down to 3rd & University and caught the good ol’ #2 home. It was boiling hot downtown and on the bus, but the courtroom was friggin’ freezing. Tomorrow’s outfit will be a challenge; something light, yet layery. Hooray for me and my convincing the lawyers that I’m impartial and stuff!