Workin’ at the Cat Wash! Whoa, whoa, yeah!

It’s amazing how one cat can watch the other cat being given a bath, and just not realize that they’re next.

Commie watched Trouble receive her bath — in fact, he got up on his tippy-toes so he could look into the bathtub and get an eyeful of the proceedings. It was almost like he was laughing at her. “Look what Mommy and Daddy are doing to you, Trouble! I’m sure glad I’m over here, a foot away, where I’m completely safe! Ha ha ha!” But overall, Trouble was the easier cat to bathe. Smaller, not as strong, and when it was all over, she sat on the bath mat so I could towel her off. Commie, however, is now hiding under the couch, much more damp and fairly miserable. Even the smell of wet cat food won’t bring him out of his exile.

It’s a good thing we only do this every 6 months or so. Nobody remembers what’s going to happen when we bring out the big pink bowl and the apple-smelling cat shampoo.