Yahoo! Messenger. Good times!

I turned on Yahoo! Messenger. Always good for a laugh, since total strangers can see that you’re online and just chat you up. It would appear this one found me through my Yahoo! LaunchCast station, since they’re commenting on my dubious musical tastes. Yes, I like the Spice Girls. They’re entertaining fluff. Deal with it.

dancinchica2145: hey
the_missy: Yes?
dancinchica2145: u like the spice girls?
the_missy: Sure, why not.
dancinchica2145: u do
dancinchica2145: weirdo
the_missy: Thanks, stranger. You’re too kind.
dancinchica2145: but the spice girls r weird
the_missy: Oh, “r” they? I had no idea.
dancinchica2145: theyre gay
the_missy: I seem to recall most of them marrying men.
dancinchica2145: how old r u
the_missy: 85
the_missy: 12
dancinchica2145: no u aint
the_missy: 194
dancinchica2145: u 12? and u like da spice girls
the_missy: No matter what my age, obviously I lack your eloquence.
dancinchica2145: u freak
the_missy: Please forgive me, I tend to only write in complete sentences.

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