Bowling for Charity

So what an interesting time I had at the bowling thing. It was a charity event for the Seattle Policemens’ Guild, so that was cool. There was a raffle for various donated prizes, from baseball caps to a cool electric guitar. In keeping with my personal streak, my raffle tickets didn’t win a single thing. Though I believe everyone else in my group won something.

The last time I bowled was also the last time I did this fundraiser, some two years ago. Two years ago at this time of year, I had just started Atkins and was still pretty large (but getting progressively smaller). I had to wear one of the X-Large Jet City bowling shirts (we use them for “away” shows) and even then, it wouldn’t button over my hips.

This time, I wore a medium bowling shirt, and it was a little too big.

The weirdest part was that I took my bowling ball and shoes with me, and learned that I can no longer use my bowling ball. The finger holes are WAY too big. I cramped up my fingers trying to hold onto the ball, and it pretty much fell off of my hand when I bowled with it. I ended up having to use one of the alley balls, a fluorescent pink beauty weighing a piddling 8 pounds (usually I bowl with a 12). But it was the only ball I could find that fit my fingers. Fortunately, my bowling shoes still fit fine.

One guy there had one of the Ebonite bowling balls that’s clear with a skull suspended inside. I don’t believe those are being made anymore, but you can get a ball in leopard print, tiger print or cow print now. What I’d really like is a ball colored like the planet Earth. But I can’t find one.