Anonymity ROCKS!

So I was playing some online poker this morning over at Poker Stars. I decided to pop in at a play money table, and doubled my money in the first ten minutes or so.

Then, a charming player by name of “MoneyIsGAY” came into the room, sat down, and put forth the following chat:

MoneyIsGAY: GET THE **** OUT

(please note, swear words are automatically replaced with the appropriate number of asterisks. So I’m guessing I’m a stupid something-harsher-than-bitch-which-is-four-letters-long.)

Never saw the guy before, don’t know what his problem was. Fascinating. He left a couple of minutes later without every playing a hand.

EDIT: for giggles, I searched for him and found him in another room. Here’s what he had to say to the players there, after losing a hand:

MoneyIsGAY: u ****ing luckpiece of ****
MoneyIsGAY: stop ****ing hacking
MoneyIsGAY: u little ****aing *****
MoneyIsGAY: u ****ing piece of **** u dont know me, ill kill u

Whew! Glad to know I’m not the only ****ing **** in town. ;^)

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