Cheeeeeeze ball!

So last night Scott and I went to see the magnificent musical that is Starlight Express. My folks absolutely adore this show, and have seen it probably a dozen times in various places (I guess it’s a house show in one of the Vegas casinos). When they saw it was coming to Seattle, they bought us tickets.

I’d seen the show once before, back in Days of Olde (1990). It was a very different show back then — this version we just saw is technically The NEW Starlight Express. Which is a fancy way of saying, “we took out your three favorite songs, Missy, and replaced them with rapping and such to attract today’s audience.”

At any rate, it was still awesome in its cheesiness. The trains! They sing and dance! They fall in love … just like trains do! Scott suffered through, and I think he even enjoyed it for how godawful freaky it is. When I saw that show at age 18, I thought it would be supremely cool to be in it. Honestly, I still think it would be a cool show to be in.