So picture if you will an apartment building. One hall running lengthwise down the middle, with apartments lining it on both sides. On the front side of the building, there’s a window at the end of said hall, with an emergency exit (metal ladder and small balcony outside the window).

Our bedroom window is on that same side of the building, the next window over from the hallway window.

Two nights ago, around 1am, we heard some voices outside the window. Nothing that unusual, really … acoutsics are weird on our street, and people standing out in front of the building on the ground floor can sound like they’re right outside our 3rd floor window. However, these voices sounded especially weirdly close. Then we heard some banging of metal. I looked out our bedroom window, and there were some people standing on the tiny balcony and climbing up and down the ladder to the roof of the building.

Before either of us had a chance to really wake up, throw on some clothes and go out to the hallway to see what the hell was going on, they’d gone back in the window and down the hall.

Yesterday, there was a note taped on the front door. It was addressed to Diane. The writer of the note told Diane that he could no longer let her in the building, because of complaints from management and tenants. He told Diane that he was on the verge of being evicted, and he could no longer allow her, Zee or Dee inside the building at all. Also, he notified Diane that her belongings were on the back porch of the building, and that he was going to be out on errands, so don’t try calling him to talk about it.

Today that note was gone. I went out to clean my car, and Scott accompanied. As we went back into the apartment, we saw the young man in question just as he posted another note to Diane. Much the same content — she’s not allowed in the building anymore, he’s teetering on the brink of eviction, and her belongings are now on the side of the building next to the dumpsters.

We happened by said belongings as I took some car garbage to throw away. It consisted of three bags — one full of clothing, one I couldn’t see in, and one that looked like it contained Playstation games.

I have to wonder if Diane and Zee and Dee were the roof-climbers of the other night. Mr. Note-Poster certainly didn’t look happy when we caught him posting the second note.