Oy Vey.

Got in to work to find out that our store was burglarized last night. And the retail store guy keeps referring to it as a “robbery,” which pains me in a semantics way.

Anyhoo, they broke the lock on the front door and stole the cash drawer from the register. They also took some batteries from the display, two pair of socks, and some very cheap hats and gloves. Despite the fact that much more valuable and expensive merchandise lines the walls.

Retail Guy tells me he’s already been reamed because he doesn’t take the cash drawer out and put it in the safe every night. His excuse is that when we brought on another P/T retail guy, they stopped doing that because “there’s only one key to the safe.” (Of course, it’s not Retail Guy’s fault. Nothing is ever Retail Guy’s fault.) Never mind the fact that our store is right next to, and on very friendly terms with, a locksmith. Said locksmith is now working on installing a new lock for the front door and making us a second key for the safe.

Oh, and did I mention that the beauty salon two doors down got burglarized in the exact same manner less than a week ago? And we “improved” our lock by putting this little extra ring of metal around it. Never mind doing something like taking one of these cable bike locks that never sell and wrapping it through the door handles. No, that little ring was supposed to save us from the same fate. *sigh*

Only Retail Guy and I are here for the day shift, since the other two who should have been in were up all night dealing with the police and such. I guess they were called by the alarm company around 3am. What a pain in the ass. At least there isn’t any broken glass, and in the grand scheme of things the burglars didn’t get that much. But it’s just a nasty little disruption into our usually orderly work life.