It’s been a while … so here are some observations after this latest episode of The Amazing Race.

I know a lot of people don’t like the bowling moms, because they lied to the father-daughter team about needing to get their money exchanged at the airport. However, having watched every episode of every season of this show, I believe that lies and misinformation are a perfectly acceptable tactic when racing. Heck, I would never take the advice of a competing team without double-checking that info with a neutral third party.

And thusly, I’m rooting for the bowling moms. Let me tell you, I was full of GLEE when the teams found out that their 6-hour lead over the moms was gone. And I was downright giddy when they came in 4th. I don’t know why, but I figured it was going to be a non-elimination leg. At least Team Irritating Bitchy Not-as-Pretty-as-They-Think Blondes got all of their money stripped … though if the teams don’t get much money for the start of the next leg, Chip and Kim won’t be in much better shape.

I desperately wanted Colin to be arrested. Oh, that would have been sweet. But just like with Teri and Ian before them, I’m almost more angry with Christie for not only putting up with Colin’s toddleresque outbursts, but for actually apologizing to the creep.

Oh, and best. Next-week-on. EVER.

“Which team will try for the Fast Forward, only to find out they’ll have to cut off all their hair?” Oh PLEASE, let it be a team with a vain young girl.

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