Update: Police Report

All right, now I have the police report in hand.

The “febrile old coot” driving the other car (a 1978 Chevy Caprice 4-door, by the way) is certainly old. The guy will turn 85 this year.

His excuse for the accident filled me with rage as soon as I read it. The report reads: “Driver #1 said that the lights from oncoming traffic made it difficult for him to see the small scooter.”

Now, you’re taking a left turn. You don’t have a left arrow, just a green light. So the rules of the road dictate that you give right-of-way to all drivers going straight through the intersection before you turn left. So if you’re DAZZLED by the lights of oncoming traffic, doesn’t that mean you would have to YIELD RIGHT-OF-WAY to those DAZZLING oncoming vehicles? Sweet jebus!

The coot was ticketed for “R/W Left Turn.” I’m guessing R/W is “right-of-way.”

Now I need to call the good Samaritan who tucked the scooter in a safe place.