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I’m trying out some new shows from the summer reality season.

Hit Me Baby One More Time (NBC): Partly cool, partly scary. I was freaked out by A Flock of Seagulls — you could tell by his face that the lead singer (who I always want to call Mike Judge, but is really Mike Score) is the same guy, but the rest of him was totally different. Including his voice. It was horrifying. The other groups/artists sounded OK, and I’ll be keeping this show on the schedule. It does make me realize how amazing it is that the guys in Duran Duran all still look somewhat the same, and sound just like they did 20 years ago.

Dancing with the Stars (ABC): Most of the contestants, I don’t care about. Except for John O’Hurley, who I find fascinating. It’s like watching ice skating, but without the awesome falling-on-asses.

Hell’s Kitchen (FOX): Chef Gordon Ramsay is a huge asshole, and I love it. This is one of the better reality offerings from FOX, not quite as trashy as their usual offerings of brides-to-be and dwarves-in-love. Definitely a keeper.

Lost (ABC): So it’s not reality TV. Apparently they’re starting the season over again for summer reruns, so now’s my chance to catch up and find out if it’s really all that.

As for movies, we finally tried watching Napoleon Dynamite last night. Scott apparently found it really familiar and similar to his own high school experience. Me, I found it incredibly boring. We made it through half, then stopped the DVD. He’ll want to go finish it later, but I don’t care if I ever see the ending.

Upcoming entertainment: Scott’s sure to drag me to Batman Begins, which comes to the IMAX in less than a fortnight. Then July brings Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (also coming to IMAX) and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince just a day apart. I’m not pre-ordering; with Order of the Phoenix, I just went to Target and bought it on release day. They had stacks and stacks. I figure this one won’t be much different.

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