Workplace Theater

Workplace Theater Presents: “Carrots and Potato Chips”

The backstory: Coworker B has a bag of those peeled baby carrots in the company fridge. The previous day, she’d offered that if I’d like to eat some carrots, they were there and available. An unrelated-to-the-theater fact is that she’s constantly munching on them at her desk. For hours. Loudly. Anyhoo:

CB: Coworker B
SK: Skinny Boss
ME: Moi

SK: Hey, CB, I had some of your carrots last night. I was hungry.
CB: That’s OK, no problem.
SK: They were really good.
CB: Oh, yeah, I love carrots! I eat them like potato chips.
SK: (turns to go back to office, spins back, points at me) I bet Missy eats potato chips!
ME: What?
SK: Yeah, like, barbeque flavor!
ME: What?
SK: (makes spiky fingers above his head) Because of your hair!
ME: What?
SK: Yeah, barbeque potato chips, for your hair!
ME: What on earth are you talking about?
CB: Haha, yeah! Like asparagus!
CB: You know, like when you eat asparagus, your hair changes color!
ME: (horrified expression) Um, it’s not your hair that changes color when you eat asparagus.
SK: Ha ha ha!
ME: So are you saying I must eat barbeque potato chips because . . . my hair is brown?
SK: Ha ha ha!
CB: Once I ate cherries, and my hair turned pink!