Hey, Visa — are you implying, in your commercial where patrons of a cafeteria wander around to the delightful tune of “Powerhouse”, that it’s faster to pay for purchases with Visa than with cash? Maybe that’ll be the case in ten years, when we all have barcodes tattooed on our foreheads and RFID chips in our skin, but right now the concept seems totally absurd.

Hey, Comcast — yes, you used those cute let’s-go-to-the-lobby animated snacks in your commercial about movies on demand. However, throughout the commercial, the family dog in the house is chasing the chocolate bar. In the end, the dog has the chocolate in its mouth. Why don’t you also show the dog drinking some antifreeze? How many kids will see that, assume that dogs love chocolate, and feed Fido a big ol’ Hershey bar?

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