So I’m going to audition locally for Disney World casting next week. The woman who called actually told me that the guys who saw me in Chicago this past April “loved” me, and she was eager to see me. So that’s pretty awesome.

But the second part of the Disney thing, and even more awesome, is this: she also invited me to a callback in Orlando. And while it’s taking me away from holiday-season gigs for a weekend in December, it’s also an opportunity to pursue my dream job and show them that I’m serious about wanting it. We’re turning it into a mini-vacation and our Xmas present to ourselves, and making a long weekend of it (I just booked the tickets, and a big BOO to Travelocity for changing their prices mid-booking — Expedia ended up getting the business).

The next three weeks are going to be weird. I’m thrilled and terrified at the same time.