The Plan So Far

This is the best plan we’ve come up with, considering a couple of absolutes: we want to fly the cats across the country, not drive them (and we want them to be in a furnished home as long as possible); and we want to take my car with us, as it’s more financially feasible to take it than it would be to sell it here and buy a new car in Florida.

January 13th or 14th – begin driving from Seattle to Florida. We’re actually looking forward to this — driving across the country together, the kind of adventure you talk about but never do.

January 18th or 19th – arrive in Orlando. Spend the next few days finding an apartment, signing a lease, and getting the keys. Buy a few staples (toilet paper, etc.) and leave them in the new apartment.

January 24th – park my car near the Orlando airport, fly from Orlando to Seattle. Get a rental car for a week.

January 25th-29th – pack a moving pod with belongings. Have a small party, say goodbyes.

January 30th – fly with the cats from Seattle to Orlando. Car is at the airport, ready to go; apartment is waiting with a few staples, ready to go. Rough it for a week until belongings arrive.

We’re still mulling over some of the details, but our flights on the 24th and 30th are booked. Yeah, it means the cats will be alone at home here for 10 days … but it’ll be days spent in the home they know, instead of in an empty strange apartment on the other end.