Travel Day 1

Day 1
Seattle, WA to Lodi, CA
788 miles / approx. 13 hours

We tackled Washington and Oregon, and are now 300-ish miles into California. The passes at the bottom of Oregon were all dry and clear, including Siskiyou (elevation 4310). It was lovely. We meant to stop in Sacramento for the night, but they didn’t have a lot of easily accessible motels, so we pressed on a little further and are now settled in at the Best Western in Lodi.

Poor Scott wasn’t feeling well today, and was in fact up late into last night with an upset stomach, so I did most of the driving. No biggie, as I like to drive. The new car is handling like a champ, and it’s a much more comfortable and secure drive than our old car would have been.

Tomorrow’s goal: Phoenix, AZ (724 miles, approx. 11 hours)